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Skin Genesis Questions and Answers

L'Oreal Skin Genesis

Skin Genesis Questions and Answers

Listed below are some of the most common questions and answers about L'Oreal's  Skin Genesis.

Q: What is the technology behind Skin Genesis?

A: After seven years of research, L’Oréal has found a way to recreate the natural strength that keeps skin looking younger longer.

New Pro-Xylane, a multi-action “anti-aging” molecule, plus super-hydrator hyaluronic acid, work together to facilitate skin’s natural cell activity layer by layer to strengthen skin.

Q: What is Pro-Xylane™?

A: Pro-Xylane is a sugar-derived molecule from the beech wood plant. Due to the fact that Pro-Xylane is a very small, bio-assimilable molecule, it is able to penetrate the layers of the skin.

How it works:

- Mimics the skin’s individual biology, so it has a perfect natural affinity to it. Skin is able to integrate the molecule instantly, and over time to build skin’s strength to resist the signs of aging.

L'Oreal Skin Genesis

In-vitro testing shows Pro-Xylane:

- Improves the performance of existing GAGs and stimulates the support of new ones.

- Reinforces the dermal-epidermal junction by boosting collagen synthesis.

- Supports skin functionality and dermis network by helping to consolidate the collagen fiber structure.

Skin benefits:

- Strengthens each layer to help minimize the signs of aging.

- Helps restore skin’s natural ideal cell environment for healthier, light-reflective, younger-looking skin.

Q: What is hyaluronic acid?

A: Hyaluronic acid is naturally found in both the skin’s epidermis and dermis. It provides moisture to the skin, making it soft, smooth and elastic. Dehydrated spheres of hyaluronic acid are used in the Skin Genesis formula since they are biocompatible and plump when exposed to water in the epidermis.

How it works:

- Efficiently penetrates the surface layers of the skin to optimize skin hydration.

- Dehydrated spheres inflate when in contact with water.

Skin benefits:

- Maximize skin hydration and moisture retention.

- Plumping effect, filling in fine line and imperfections.

- Optimized skin smoothness and softness.

Q: Who should use Skin Genesis?

A: L’Oréal Paris developed Skin Genesis to meet the unique skincare needs of women 30ish – 40ish. While younger and more mature women can benefit from the collection’s technology, the main purpose of Skin Genesis is to maintain and facilitate skin’s natural environment to promote skin cell activity to help skin appear younger looking. Women who adopt the Skin Genesis regimen at the first signs of skin aging have the most to benefit from this new generation of skincare.
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