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What Hair Color Lines Do Most Salons Use?

<em>What Hair Color Lines Do Most Salons Use - Photo by Gabriel Silvério on Unsplash </em> What Hair Color Lines Do Most Salons Use - Photo by Gabriel Silvério on Unsplash

Have you ever wondered which professional hair color lines colorists use on their salon clients?

It seems like a simple question, but the answers are endless.

So is the list of professional hair color lines used by top colorists.

A Hair Colorist Is A Hairdresser Highly Trained In Hair Color

While many hairdressers can provide a range of color services to their consumer hair clients, their skill sets may be limited.

Only a highly skilled hair colorist, who's taken advanced hair color classes, or specializes in creating gorgeous hues, can create highly complicated palettes.

There is definitely a difference between hair dressers who provide hair color services and highly specialized, highly trained professional hair colorists.

Factors Which Determine Selection Of Professional Color Lines

Trendline Lagoon 2004 - All Rights Reserved Goldwell - Trendline Lagoon 2004 - All Rights Reserved

Professional hair colorist's select professional hair color lines based upon the following potential reasons:

  • Hair colonist's history of training in color
  • Cosmetology school they attended
  • The salon where they offer color services
  • Overall personal hair color product preferences
  • What a client's hair may need for the best color results
  • A hair colorist's relationship with different color lines
  • Any advanced training the colorist may have received from manufacturers
  • Other variables

If You Find A Great Hair Colorist Or Color Artist, Never Let Them Go

Long Brunette Model - Conair - All Rights Reserved Long Brunette Model - Conair - All Rights Reserved

After personally suffering through a traumatic hair color experience at the hands of a hairdresser with limited knowledge of creating high quality highlights, I found Rose Zuniga.

Although Rose is highly skilled at working with long to very long and/or textured hair (wavy, curly, coily, kinky), she is truly a master hair color artist.

Note:  Rose is accepting new hair color, long hair and textured hair clients at her Dallas salon near Lovers & Skillman.  She can be reached to make appointments via text or phone at 214-755-5628

She's studied the art of hair color for many years with exceptional teachers.

Color Correction Services

When I first went to see Rose in 2005, my hair was partially orange from my most recent salon hair color disaster.

After providing color correction services, Rose eventually got my hair back to ground zero.

From that point she primarily used Matrix SoColor on my hair with spectacular results.

Some Professional Haircolorists Use Multiple Brands

Paul Mitchell - Smooth - All Rights Reserved Paul Mitchell - Smooth - All Rights Reserved

Rose achieves spectacular results on my hair with Matrix.

For some of her other color clients she utilizes Clairol Professional, Pravana and Redken.

She also experiments with a wide range of different professional color lines on her own hair to experience the results first hand.

Rose selects different professional hair color lines based upon each one of hair client's hair type, length, cuticle shape and other factors.

The Hair Colorist Artist Robert Hallowell Loved Goldwell

What Hair Color Lines Do Most Salons Use?21 Flavors Of Blonde - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved 21 Flavors Of Blonde - Paul Mitchell - All Rights Reserved

My best friend, the late celebrity hairstylist and colorist, Robert Hallowell, had a long list of celebrities whose hair he treated.

Depending upon the celebrity and their hair requirements, he provided a wide range of color treatments.

Those included bleach, highlights, lowlights and color.

Whenever possible, Robert would use Goldwell hair color for his clients.  They had to look picture perfect both on and off the screen.

When he couldn't use Goldwell,  Robert would use Paul Mitchell, Clairol Professional or Matrix SoColor.

Barbara Lhotan - A Top Paul Mitchell Hair Color Expert

RedkenPlatinumBlonde-34_350h Redken Platinum Blonde- All Rights Reserved

Barbara Lhotan is one of the very best hair color experts I've had the opportunity to work with over the years.

She's a long time Paul Mitchell hair color educator and has spent many years with their hair color line.  Barbara has always loved Paul Mitchell color.

Barbara creates amazing results with Paul Mitchell.

Paul Mitchell Color Bar

When I attended Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School, I absolutely loved their Color Bar and learning everything I could about their color lines.

At the end of the day, the professional hair color line a hair color expert uses is secondary to the type of color results they consistently create.

It doesn't matter what hair color line a professional colorist uses.  They have to select the tools of their trade which allows them to create the very best results.

Best Professional Hair Color Lines

Some hair colorists like Redken for their semi and demi permanent colors.  Others like Pravana for their vibrant rainbow colors.

Long Blonde Hair With Flowers Angelo Pantizis - Unsplash - All Rights Reserved

Listed below in no particular article are the top professional hair color lines which are used by top hair colorists:

Matrix SoColor

Paul Mitchell

Clairol Professional

Wella Koleston Perfect


L'Oreal Majirel






TIGI Color


The list above covers just a few of the many professional hair care lines some professional hair colorists may use on their hair color clients as well as themselves.

A Great Haircolorist Uses The Best Color Tools They Can

Short Platinum Blonde From Redken - All Rights Reserved Short Platinum Blonde From Redken - All Rights Reserved

Some hair colorists will find a professional hair care line they are partial to using.  Then they stick with that for the majority of their work years.

Others are willing to use multiple lines for different types of hair color goals.

It's usually best for a hair consumer not to tell their hair colorist what product line to use on their hair.

The only reason you should is if you have a history of problems with a particular brand.

I know the best hair color line for my hair has always been Matrix SoColor.

I'd always discuss this with a hair colorist before I started working with them.

I don't think there's any danger of that for the near future.

As long as Rose is willing to color my hair, I'm going to be devoted to her and to Matrix SoColor.

Best wishes to all.

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