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Katy Perry's Ultimate Sleek Topknot Hairstyle

Katy Perry Shimmers In Ultimate Sleek Topknot Hairstyle

Katy Perry recently appeared on her Instagram feed looking stunning with her currently blonde hued hair wrapped into a sleek topknot.

Katy Perry's Ultimate Sleek Topknot Hairstyle - Katy Perry on American Idol - 2020 AMERICAN IDOL - Katy Perry (ABC/Gavin Bond)

A Rapunzel-inspired hair extension ponytail flowed from around the topknot down to her shoulders, in loose waves.

The star's look was created by hairstylists Rick Henry and Samantha Burke who shared footage of Katy with her add-on.

It seems for 2020 Katy has embraced a series of top knot hairstyles ranging from a classic knot to knots embellished with clip-in extensions creating longer flowing locks.

Although she frequently gravitates back to her signature sleek dark hair, Perry has rocked every length, color and style of hair from bubble gum pink curls to dark green waves.

How To Recreate Katy's Topknot

Follow the steps listed below to recreate Katy's ultimate sleek topknot:

  • Wet wash detangled hair with a formula designed for your hair type, cuticle shape and current condition.
  • Make sure to get hair completely doused with lukewarm, not hot, water before pour a tiny amount of shampoo to the fingertips and palms of the hands.
  • Apply with fingertips to the top of the scalp.  Allow suds to form from water and flow down the length of the strands.
  • Avoid ruffling, rubbing or scratching the scalp.  Don't pile hair on top of the head.
  • Rinse shampoo completely from hair.  Perform a gentle accordion finger squeeze to remove excess hair.
  • Apply a rinse-out conditioner designed for your hair.  Separate hair into small sections.  Use a hair friendly wide tooth comb or pick to detangle strands, working from the ends to the roots.
  • After detangling, rinse well and complete with a final cool/cold rinse.
  • Use a clean microfiber hair towel or 100% cotton t-shirt to gently blot excess water from hair.

    Applying A  Great Styling Cocktail Is A Critical Step

  • Apply a leave-in styling cocktail which includes, but isn't limited to a leave-in conditioner, heat protection product and styling product such as mousse, styling cream or similar.
  • Blow dry your hairline up and back using a boar bristle round or paddle brush to create a smooth and sleek section.
  • Use a sleek balm or styling cream lightly applied through the roots to tame and smooth any flyway’s. If you prefer, try a hair styling stick designed to smooth and tame fly-a-way strands.   The more you use the more it will hold and create sheen.
  • Once hair is completely dry, use a paddle or styling brush to sweep hair into a really high ponytail which is positioned with the base located right on top of the crown.
  • Use a straightening iron on the ponytail to create a super sleek finish.
  • Mist each section first with a strong hold hairspray which won't flake and delivers shine.
  • Wrap hair around the base of the ponytail, section by section until the last section of hair is finished.
  • Leave about 2" of hair out to create Katy's topknot.
  • Finish by misting a high shine mist on the palms of the hands.  Lightly glide over the top of the finished hairstyle to achieve exceptional shine.  Remember, a little bit goes a very long way.

Topknot Alternatives

Topknot hairstyles are incredibly versatile.  They can be worn standalone as a single elegant knot, or they can be dressed up with clip-in hair extensions like Katy Perry recently showed off on her Instagram feed.

Topknots hairstyles also look amazing with an array of hair accessories ranging from crystal encrusted hair pins, bobbies, barrettes and miniature hair clips.

Let your imagination run wild and custom your topknot to be uniquely your own.

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