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Big Curly Hair

Big Curly Hair

JunoTempleLMK-123684102014_350h Actress Juno Temple - "Horns" UK Premiere - Arrivals - Odeon West End, Leicester Square / London, UK - 10/20/2014- Photographer: Landmark / PR Photos

I'm really loving the latest trend for people with natural texture to blow it out and wear big curly hair.

Actress Juno Temple recently showcased big curly hair with long blonde ringlets at the "Horns" UK Premiere in London.

It's not the first time and hopefully it won't be the last for the lovely actress to showcase a headful of gorgeous texture.

Bill Maher Does Good Hair

Famed political comedian Bill Maher often provides some interest hair commentary via New Rules on his popular HBO show.

His show on October 24, 2014 was no exception.  In fact, it  was a virtual bonanza of spectacular big curly hair.

BillMaher-15_350h Hardball" Interview with Bill Maher at Exposition Park in Los Angeles on May 17, 2011 - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Swirled into the big curly hair mix was a hilarious cotton candy reference to Donald Trump's famous fluffy combover.

Dr. Cornel West On Bill Maher

Regardless whether you love or hate Bill Maher, it can't be defined he's always on the bleeding edge of political controversy.

His HBO show features some of the most interesting guests and panelists who debate a range of viewpoints.

On his October 24th show Bill featured popular panelist Cornel West (@CornelWest), an esteemed professor at New York's Union Theological Seminary and the author of Black Prophetic Fire.

Dr. West co-founded the Stop Mass Incarceration Network and was recently arrested during a Moral Monday march in Ferguson. Missouri.

Besides being a fabulous, engaging (and one of my favorite) panelist, Dr. West wears a big curly hairstyle which has a spectacular splash of striking gray in front.

While Dr. West is probably not all that concerned about his hairstyle, he should win points for embracing his natural texture and wearing it proudly.

Chloe Maxmin's Big Curly Hair

CornelWest-16_350h Cornel West at 22nd Annual Thurgood Marshall College Fund Anniversary Dinner - Arrivals - Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers - New York City, NY, USA - © Wild1 / PR Photos

There's no doubt Bill Maher is controversial, whipping up equal parts of love and hate on both sides of the political spectrum.

Bill also has great hair, but his guests, besides being edgy and current frequently embody current hairstyle trends.

Such was the case of his special guest, youth activist, Chloe Maxmin (@ChloeMaxmin) and Co-Founder of the Divest Harvard campaign.

In Awe Of Stunning Big Curly Hair

I was in awe of Chloe's stunning big curly hair.   Her textured hair was almost as interesting as the message she is promoting in the Divest Harvard campaign.

While I'm neither promoting nor disavowing her cause, I am supporting her continued wearing of her beautiful big curly hair style.

Not only is Chloe speaking up for her beliefs regarding the Divest Harvard campaign, she's a role model for naturally textured people everywhere to embrace and love their big curly hair.

GloriaEstefanAmazon12_350h Gloria Estefan - Gloria Estefan: Don't Stop - - All Rights Reserved

A junior at Harvard College concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy, Ms. Maxim recently reflected on her life as an activist in The Nation.

Other Big Curly Hair Newsmakers

Earlier this month Real Housewives Of Atlanta mouthpiece, NeNe Leakes embraced the big curly hair look by showcasing a massive blonde ringlet infused do on Instagram.

The outspoken Housewife didn't really like the hairstyle, writing "Lawd this hair about drove me crazy.  By the end of the day I had it pinned up all kinds of crazy.  LOL!"

NeNe wrote about her big curly hair " I couldn't even drive my car wit this hair.  I'm really just a short hair gal!"

Iggy Azalea also recently made news for appearing on Saturday Night Live with lots of texture.  Not exactly big curl hair in the spirit of Ella Eyre or Gloria Estefan's big hair for her cover of Don't Stop, released in 1998.

From Big Booty Obsession To Big Curly Hair Trends?

According to a September 9, 2014 post by Vogue Magazine, we're officially in the Era Of The Big Booty.   Well, at least in the United States.  Big booty love may or may not translate to other countries.

KimButt2011LMK-034396_350h Image of Kim Kardashian's Famous Big Booty - PR Photos - All Rights Reserved

Although Vogue's article attributes the current big booty craze to Jennifer Lopez, they correctly link Kim Kardashaian to the promotion of big booty to the masses.

Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and even Miley Cyrus have encourage booty obsessions.

Summary - What Is Behind The Latest Big Curly Hair Trend?

Some experts believe the return to a building interest in big curly hair popular from years gone by tracks with the bigger-is-always-better booty frenzy.

Besides their celebrated booties, Jennifer, Kim and Nicki are almost as famous for their big naturally textured tresses, wigs, hair extensions and similar.

Is the return of hair-raising hippie and bushy Afro looks of the 60s a response to the big booty obsession?

Or is some other movement moving more people than ever to embrace their big curly hair?

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