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Critical 10 Minutes Of Curling Iron Time

Critical 10 Minutes Of Curling Iron Time

Christmas2008_3_250h Beautiful Romantic Hair Waves & Curls - Hair by Vivienne Mackinder - Photography by Gill Wachter - Christmas 2008

Many hair consumers don't know about the critical 10 minutes of curling iron time which can make or break the creation of an amazing textured hairstyle.

So many people labor over their tresses with hot blow dryers and curling irons in order to great an array of curls and waves only to watch it droop in no time.

To create gorgeous flowing waves or soft bouncy curls the curling iron is key.

Not only do you need to know exactly where and how to use your iron, you have to abide by the critical 10 minutes of curling iron time which will make or break your dream hair textures.

Important Curling Iron Rules

Listed below are some important curling iron rules along with that secret to minute rule:

LauraAsElena-5_250h Pictured: Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels - (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)
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1.  Strategically plan the use of your curling iron rather than randomly curling without rhyme or reason.

2. Always prep hair for staying power with best styling products ({{asin=B004I27M48,text=mousse}}, styling cream, gel) for hair type, texture and desired look.

3. Wrap large section of hair to create big curls, small sections to produce a ringlet effect.

4.  Barrel size determines ultimate wave and curl patterns.  Work with the proper sized iron barrels for guaranteed results.

5.  Hot iron barrels which are 1/2 inches in diameter produce tighter curls.

6.  Large barrel {{asin=B0038PUBE4,text=hot irons}} ranging from 1 1/4 to 2 inches in diameter create much looser curls and waves.

7.  When natural texture is curly or wavy create a softer look by straightening the crown area first with a straightening cream, paddle brush and blow dryer.

8.  Once the crown has been straightened from roots to mid-head, re-section the hair and curl with irons.

9.  After curling each section, roll each newly formed curl around fingers and pin to the scalp to cool and set.

10.  If you wish to spray the newly re-formed curl with spray, use a very soft hold formula to avoid crunchiness.

11. When you have super coarse hair opt for {{asin=B00007M0CP,text=hot rollers}} which work better than irons to create long-lasting waves.

12. After removing hot rollers, even when hair is cool, reform and pin to the scalp until the very last minute before finally styling.

LauraAsElena_250h Pictured: Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels - (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)

Keep Your Fingers Out Of Your Hair

Great hairstyles are gained or lost in the critical 10 minute window following the curling process.

Whether you use perfectly selected hot irons, section the hair properly and prep with the best products, if you mess with your hair too soon, all will be lost.

The 10 minutes following the curling process is the time when hair should never be touched, under any circumstances.

This is why many professionals will finger roll the newly ironed hair into free form curlers and pin them to the scalp to finish processing and cooling.

Celebrity Hairstylist Robert Hallowell's Curl Secrets

RobertonDirtSet_250h Robert Hallowell - Photo courtesy of Robert Hallowell

Super celebrity hairstylist Robert Hallowell is famous for creating gorgeous texture on some of Hollywood's most stunning stars.

Raw, as his friends call him, will wait until the very last minute before the cameras roll to remove pinned hot curls.

In some cases, he will combine the invisible rollers with special clips to add body in addition to durable waves and curls.

Robert has explained to me on more than one occasions that "a great set takes a minimum of 1o minutes.

The longer you keep your rollers, pin curls or clips in place the more durable the resulting textures."

Hair will drop drastically in those first 10 minutes right after hot ironing or curling.  When hair is allowed to cool and set for at least 10 minutes without being disturbed, the chances are very good that the curls and waves will hold up.

The longer you can allow your hair to set and cool, the better.

Summary - Critical 10 Minutes Of Curling Iron Time

If you're tired of laboring with your hot tools and array of styling products only to watch your hard earned curls and waves fall flat in no time, follow the critical 10 minutes of curling iron time rules.

Long Wavy Curly Hair Long Wavy Curly Hair

Use the proper pre-ironing products, select the right sized irons and strategically plan your ultimate hair texture.

Finally, keep your fingers and hands out of your hair, for at least 10 minutes.

More About Robert Hallowell

Note:  This blog is dedicated to Robert Hallowell who is my ongoing inspiration.  If you would like to have Robert direct his amazing hair talents your way, call him at 213-925-4035.

Please tell him Karen sent you and give him a hug for me.  Besides his expertise with cutting and styling hair, Robert is very skilled with hair extensions, color and treating highly textured hair (curly, wavy or kinky).

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