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How To Deal With Pushy Hairstylists

Introduction - How To Deal With Pushy Hairstylists

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Many salons strongly encourage their stylists to push hair and beauty products on their clients.  Not only do a large number of hair establishments push hair and beauty product sales, in some cases they set sales quotas.

How do you behave if you find yourself being pressured to purchase hair products at the salon?  A big question consumer hair clients always want to know is how to deal with pushy hairstylists.

Not only do hairstylists push products, they push add-on services.  A client may show up for a hair trim and be pressured to add a few highlights or low lights.  Or a simple trim turns into a full blown hair makeover completely with shampoo, deep conditioning, color and styling.

There are exceptions to every rule.  Some salons and stylists don't care whether their clients buy hair products from them or not.  A busy hairstylist also will not pressure their clients for add-on hair treatments because they understand in the long run it can lose them loyal customers.

When you find yourself being pressured to purchase salon products consider the following tips:

1.  Politely decline requests to purchase salon products. Thank the stylist for their suggestions, but tell them you have tons of products at home you would like to use up before buying new ones.  Maybe you actually have products you already bought from them on previous visits and remind them of your previous purchase.

2.  Ask for samples to test the products at home before you decide to buy.  Some hairstylist really believe in the products they're pushing.  Listen to why they want you to buy their hair care products.  If you're interested, asking for samples or travel sized options allows you to try and the products without running up a huge bill.

Shampoo Shampoo

3.  If samples aren't available ask them for any brochures or literature you might take home to review and study.  This shows you are paying attention to their suggestions and will consider it for the future.

4.  Inquire whether buying products will result in any type of extra savings on salon treatments.  Sometimes a motivated hairstylist will offer a free bang trim or conditioning treatment if you purchase hair care products.   Some salons also offer frequent buyer coupons and discounts which can actually make their products price competitive.

5.  Ask if the salon has regular sales.  Many stylists and salons will have regular sales to encourage sales.  Tell your stylist to let you know the next sale and promise to check out the products at that time.  Other salons will give you discounted refills on bottles of offer special package deals.

6.  Politely tell your stylist you have a tight budget and ask if they can recommend similar quality products at prices compatible with your budget.

Of course there's nothing wrong with buying your hair and beauty products from your favorite stylist or salon.  If you trust the quality of service they provide you may wish to reward them with your product sales as well.

When you find yourself being pressured to purchase salon products consider the following tips:

1.  Thank them for wanting to give you the best possible hair styling experience.  Tell them you want to have some time to think about whether to make a major change such as a dramatic new cut, color or styling technique.

2.  Explain that you have a tight schedule and can't commit to any additional services which will delay your departure for the salon.

3.  Decline the offer and blame your unwillingness to make a major hair change on your lifestyle demands.  New color will require different make-up, hair care treatments and more frequent salon visits for maintenance.

Shampoo In The Shower Shampoo In The Shower

4.  Explain any budgetary constraints on investing in lots of new haircare treatments.  Every add-on hair treatment you have will show up on the bottom line.  Are you prepared to pay double or triple of what you had set aside for your simple trim?

5.  Blame your reluctance on your job which may require you maintain a specific type of hair look, or a significant other who may love your hair the way it is.

6.  Inquire whether the salon has training nights where you can sign up as a model to have new hair services performed at a fraction of the cost.  This shows you are paying attention to their new styling or treatment advice, but have other concerns to consider.

Summary - How To Deal With Pushy Hairstylists

Even if you initially upset with being pressured to buy products or add-on services when you visit your hairstylist or salon, remember to just be true to your own needs.

With the glut of hair salons, hair products and stylists, there's a lot more pressure applied on your stylist to push up the cost of client visits.

Don't take it personally because it's not.  As long as you love your hair when you leave the salon and feel you paid the price you budgeted for, there's no harm in a little sales pressure.

Note:  This blog is dedicated to Billy J. Johnson, a great hairstylist, who's never ever pushy and is a great long term friend.

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