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Flattering Hair Parts

Introduction - Flattering Hair Parts

Camouflaged Side Part With Deconstructed Ringlet Curls Camouflaged Side Part With Deconstructed Ringlet Curls

Throughout the majority of my life I've been a side-parter.  When I was in my early twenties I experimented with a center part, which neither I nor my hairstylist could seem to ever get straight.

After studying flattering hair parts from a variety of angles, I finally reverted back to a right side part.  My hair seems to naturally fall that direction and it works with a variety of side-swept fringes.

Not everyone struggles with finding their most flattering hair parts.  Some people are born with cowlicks or hair whorls and are required to do with a strategic part to control free form hairline strands.

While it's possible to tame a stubborn cowlick into submission with hairspray, gels, waxes and strategic haircuts, it's often easier to just let Mother Nature win and part your hair in harmony with it's natural flow.

Flattering Hair Parts - Gender Specific

Although at one time flattering hair parts were gender specific with males and females following different hair parting protocols, in current times anything goes in the parting world.

Regardless of your age, race, sex, hair type, texture, length or condition, all partings are politically correct in the hair world. When it comes to flattering hair parts, whether you follow traditional hair rules or which to be a free hair spirit, the choice is up to you.

Of course hair parting, along with hair color, length, texture and hairstyle selection has actually been studied with regard to a range of personality traits.

Instantly Change Your Look With Flattering Hair Parts

Tina Fey No Hair Part - Big Bagel Bun Updo Tina Fey No Hair Part - Big Bagel Bun Updo

Read any beauty, fashion or hair magazine long enough and you will encounter articles about how to instantly change your look by changing your hair part.  Those same tomes may also encourage you to identify your face shape and select a part to complement it.

I used to pay close attention to face shapes and selecting flattering hair parts until I had a life-altering conversation with celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves a few years back.   He wisely explained that while faces do have outlines, everyone person is completely unique and should not ever feel pressured to select a hairstyle based on pre-defined or limiting shape parameters.

I loved Ken's perspective and instantly trashed all my pre-conceptions about selecting the perfect hairstyle, flattering hair parts or analyzing face shapes.

He was 100% correct, everyone is unique and while the outline of their face might fall into a very grouping of shapes, everyone should wear their hair or hair parts, to match their own personality.

Ken also told me there is no right or wrong face outline even though some experts might say oval shapes are good and anything else is not as desirable.  He also pointed out that many people have a combination of the traditional shapes.

Someone might have a face that combines one or more shapes.  Even more noteworthy is the fact that faces changes with age, weight and life experiences.

Flattering Hair Parts - Connecting The Face Shape Dots

Although Ken Paves transformed my thinking about face shapes and hair parts, I was required to study the topic in cosmetology school.  The reason?  Professional hairdressers need some type of parameters to help them consult with their clients.

Nicole Kidman With Off Center Part With Long Loose Ringlets Nicole Kidman With Off Center Part With Long Loose Ringlets

Keeping in mind there are no right or wrong face outlines, cosmetologists, depending upon their school of thought, often group shapes into oval, round, square, rectangle, heart, diamond and triangle.

A diamond face shape has a narrow forehead, wide cheek bones, and a narrow chin.  Rectangle shapes have a squared forehead and jawline but tend to be more narrow and longer than someone who has a square face shape. Triangle shapes are the opposite of hearts and incorporate a narrow forehead with a wide jawline.

Although everyone should always part their hair in whatever manner they love best, if you wish to consider general guidelines, it's important to also evaluate facial symmetry along with the size and shape of the nose.  The eyes and lips should also be considered when selecting flattering hair parts.  Ideally everyone should consider how to balance their best features, if that's the ultimate goal.

Obviously is you have a more prominent nose you may feel less comfortable with a center part, regardless of your general facial outline.  Other more subtle factors may play a part in selecting the ideal part.

Hair color, placement of highlights, low lights, hair length and even layering should all be evaluated.  Ultimately a bit of experimenting with a brush and comb will give you the opportunity to discover the most flattering hair parts for you.

Hair Partings And Face Shape Cheat Sheet

Side Swept Fringe With Deep Side Part With Ringlet Curls Side Swept Fringe With Deep Side Part With Ringlet Curls

Your hair is always best when you wear it to please yourself.  However, if you really want to know about face shapes and flattering hair parts consider the following notes:

1.  Middle hair parts tend to complement face shapes with wider cheeks, especially if hair is worn shoulder length or longer.

2.  Side hair parts can minimize a large forehead, wide cheeks and makes the face look thinner.

3.  The ideal side part complement your best side.  Cover half of your face with a piece of cardboard and look in the mirror to determine your best side.  This is a trick celebrities use to make sure the camera is always focused on their best side.

4.  Always seek balance.  Round shapes work well with parts which add length.  Square shapes do well with deep side parts which soften hard edges along the forehead and jawline. Long strategically placed layers can work in harmony with parts to create softness.

5.  Some people prefer no parts and prefer to wear their hair brushed or combed up and back off the face with no visual separation.  This is definitely an option.

6.  Utilize the eyebrows as a guide when establishing a part to offer the best balance.

7.  Consider your hair type, texture, condition, length and color when playing with parts.  Fine or thin hair may look better parted to one side rather than in the center for some people.  Highly textured hair may work best without a set part.

Side Zig Zag Part With Long Opposite Side Swept Fringe Side Zig Zag Part With Long Opposite Side Swept Fringe

8.  Ultimately there is no right or wrong hair part, face shape or hairstyle.  Go with the flow and let your hair guide you.

In some cases you may even combine more than one parting style with a variety of bangs or fringes and hair types or textures to create a signature look which is totally unique.

Summary - Flattering Hair Parts

When it comes to selecting the most flattering hair part, it's important to remember there is no right or wrong part.  Select a part which makes you feel best and goes with the flow of your hair type, texture and length.

There is not right or wrong facial shape but if you decide to select a part which is compatible with your face, take some time to play with a number of options.

Don't over analyze, just enjoy the opportunity to enjoy your hair from a different set of parameters.

Choose a side, any side and  never fear the implications.  Remember, if you love your hair, it's perfect.

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