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24 Reasons To Go Blonde

Introduction - 24 Reasons To Go Blonde

Marilyn Monroe - The Iconic Hollywood Platinum Blonde Marilyn Monroe - The Iconic Hollywood Platinum Blonde

Blonde* is not just a hair color, it's a personality and a state of mind.  There are literally hundreds of different shades of blonde from the exotic white blonde on one end of the scale to a very dark golden blonde on the opposite end.

In between those two blonde extremes you have blonde hues in the beige, ash, caramel, cherry and strawberry families, to name just a few.

Why should you consider going blonde?  Listed below are the 24 reasons to go blonde:

1.  Blonde hair is considered by many people to be the most glamorous hue in the entire world.

2.  The famous hue screams sexy, sophisticated, wealthy and mysterious.

3.  Going blonde can instantly alter your image in a unique and dramatic way.

4.  There's a flattering blonde shade for anyone of any age with any skin or eye tone.

5.  A few blonde highlights strategically placed around the hairline can instantly lighten and brighten any complexion.

6.   Nothing complements a tan year round better than sun kissed blonde tresses.

7.  Blonde tresses help you stand out in a crowd and are known to attract lots of attention.

8.  A natural age eraser, some blonde shades will instantly turn back the clock.

Gwen Stefani Platinum Blonde Gwen Stefani Platinum Blonde

9.  Going blonde helps camouflage emerging silver, white or gray strands with subtle shading.

10. Blonde hair provides the ultimate hair canvas to paint on top of.

11.  Dip dyed, chalk tips, soft pastel ends or brightly colored tips look spectacular on blonde bases.

12.  Flaxen tresses always look spectacular against any sexy Little Black Dresses (LBD).

13.  Going blonde can help add instant volume to thin or fine hair.

14.  Strategically placed blonde highlights add dimension and illusion of movement.

15.  Adding blonde highlights or low lights may help to to minimize oily roots or strands since the chemicals can be drying.

16.  Going blonde may help to loosen natural textures and/or curl patterns when desired.

17.  Opting for the latest blonde hue offers the opportunity to embrace the hottest hair trends and fashions.

18.  Going blonde offers an instant opportunity to take a trip back to careful teenage years.

19.  In film, TV, fashion, music many of the most popular and powerful players rock some shade of blonde, at least at some point in their careers.

20.  Blonde hues are associated with Summer, sunshine and happiness.

Lady Gaga With Long Platinum Blonde Hair Lady Gaga With Long Platinum Blonde Hair

21. Going blonde has been known to psychologically help lift moods and increase confidence and feelings of attractiveness.

22.  Blonde delivers instant death to mousey, dull, drab hair.

23. Some statistics indicate job applicants with blonde tresses are often more successful than those with darker hues.

24.  Blondes are often associated with heroines, fairy princesses and goddesses.

Lauren Conrad California Beach Blonde Lauren Conrad California Beach Blonde

Summary - 24 Reasons To Go Blonde

Hair stylists claim that up to 75% of clients lighten their tresses on a regular basis.

Famous Hollywood blondes include Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Eva Peron, Diana (Princess of Wales), Madonna, Pink, Ellen, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga and Lauren Conrad, to name just a few.

Some people will spontaneously go blonde to recover from a broken relationship, to instantly change their image or just to look fabulous.

Although I've listed 24 reasons to go blonde there are probably many more reasons I've neglected to include.  If you've gone blonde, what are your reasons?

*Note:  When describing a female with fair hair (natural or not), blonde is the appropriate spelling.  Blond is the appropriate spelling when used as an adjective and can be used to refer to either males or females.

The French word originally had both a masculine and feminine form.  When translated from French to English blond refers to males and when referring to females the e is added at the end of the word.

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