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Cheryl Cole British Hair Icon Of 2011

Cheryl Cole With Volume Infused Blonde Hair

Cheryl Cole British Hair Icon Of 2011

A survey by hair loss treatment MediGro discovered that Cheryl Cole, Judge of UK's X Factor was voted hairstyle hair icon for Britain for 2011.

The 28-year-old Cheryl  beat out hairstyle heavyweights Kate Winslet, Rihanna and Beyonce.   She even beat out Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge and Kate's younger sister Pippa.

Whether her hair hue is blonde or brunette, long or short, sleek or texturized, Cheryl can do no wrong as far as Britain's celebrity hair watchers are concerned.   They are envious of her big beautiful tresses.

Cheryl is always changing up her hairstyle and has thrilled fans when she was brunette and bouffant or blonde and sexy.  It doesn't matter.  The women in the UK just love her hair.

At least the majority of the 5,000 women in the U.K. who voted in the poll.

Even the singer has been long admired for her hair color, length, texture and hairstyles, she came under attack in 2009 when she was the face of a L'Oreal shampoo which claimed to revive limp and lifeless hair.

Cheryl Cole With Wave Infused Blonde Hair

Long History Of Hair Extensions

Ironically Cheryl tresses consisted almost totally of hair extensions which she's been very open about wearing.

Cheryl historically has worn 100% human hair extensions custom colored to match her base hair hue.  Reportedly the extensions were meticulously applied as individual strands with a fusion attachment method.

The claims of trickery and fakery regarding the L'Oreal advertisements were tied to the fact that Cheryl openly wore hair extensions and wouldn't even benefit from the shampoo she was promoting.   Even with the scandal over her hair extensions and the L'Oreal shampoo promotion, the British women still love Cheryl and want her hair color, length and styles.

The former Girls Aloud singer still has a contract with L'Oreal even after all the flap about her hair extensions.

Cheryl was reportedly criticized for her fashions and hairstyles on the American version of The X Factor.

Cheryl Cole With Long Brunette Waves

She was axed after just four days on the show and replaced by brunette singer Nicole Scherzinger.  Some now question whether Nicole was a better choice than Cheryl might have been.

During her time on the US version of The X Factor Cheryl was a brunette who had adopted a volume infused 70s style bouffant hairstyle.

After leaving the show the brunette star changed her entire look.  She appeared in June of 2011 showcasing a dramatic hair makeover with sleek, sassy buttery blonde strands.

Her fans loved her hair when she was brunette and now that she is blonde.

The same hair icon poll discovered that a quarter of the UK popular have dyed their hair lighter in 2011 while 21 choose a darker hairstyle.

Also, one third of the nation’s women regularly use hair straighteners.  26 per cent use dry shampoo to maintain their hair for more than one day.

Surprising the survey found that on an average UK women spend as much as 45 minutes styling their hair daily, equating to 273 hours a year.

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