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Selena Gomez Family Tragedy

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Family Tragedy

Selena Gomez will turn 20 on July 22nd in 2012.  Her mom, Mandy, was former stage actress Amanda Dawn Cornett and had Selena at a very young age with her husband Ricardo Joel Gomez.  Mandy and Ricardo divorced when Selena was 5 years old.  Selena was raised as an only child by her hard working mom.

Mandy, who is in her mid-30s, married Brian Teefey in 2006.

Recently Selena tweeted about the fact her mom Mandy and stepfather Brian were expecting their first child together.  Selena tweeted that she was looking forward to being a big sister.

Sadly Mandy miscarried on December 16th which was a family tragedy.   Selena, 19, was immediately notified of her mom's miscarriage.  Selena was so devastated by the news that she cancelled her Dec. 17 concert in Chicago and Dec. 18 date in Seattle, E! News reported.

She had been at Power 106′s Cali Christmas 2011 in Los Angeles — the show where her boyfriend Justin Bieber performed with Drake — when she quickly left to head home.

Boyfriend Justin Bieber was very supportive of Selena, Mandy and the rest of the family. took pictures of Justin at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center yesterday visiting Selena and her mom.  Justin looked as devastated as Selena was.  Very sad.

So was Demi Lovato who immediately stepped up to send love to her longtime BFF after she heard the news.   Demi tweeted Selena on December 17th "I love you".

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