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Jane Fonda's Plastic Surgery Regrets

Jane Fonda In Hollywood

Jane Fonda's Plastic Surgery Regrets

Jane Fonda is 73 years old.  When you hit your 70s, no matter how much care you take of your skin, you start to look your age.  It happens.  Your choice?  Accept it or fight it with injectibles or plastic surgery.

Jane was determined to accept aging gracefully and never to bow down to the pressures to have plastic surgery.  She even make a fairly public pledge that she wouldn't get it done and talked about her resolve.

But that was then.  Jane is still very active in her career and has recently snagged a big new role on HBO.  To keep her edge as an older actress competing for limited roles she has to look her very best.  At the same time she doesn't want to look artificial.

Jane decided after weighing all her options to go ahead and have plastic surgery but with a caveat.  She told her plastic surgeon she wanted to keep her crow's feet to avoid looking artificial.  Jane wanted to look refreshed, but natural and still be able to play women in her age bracket.

On a recent Rosie Show appearance she discussed her decision to go under the knife and why she's not proud of herself.  Jane feels badly about going back on her public promise not to have plastic surgery.

Jane explained the turning point which led to her decision, "I was walking down the street and I saw a reflection of myself in the window and it scared me, because I feel so good and I look so tired."

Even still, she only had minimal work done,  requesting to remove the bags from under her eyes and to have a little nip and tuck just underneath her chin.   "I'm not proud of it at all," Jane said of her procedures. "I wish I was braver."

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