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Dressy Short Hair Styles

Dressy Short Hair Style

Dressy Short Hair Styles

One of the biggest challenges people with short hair report is thinking of ways to get dressy looks for special events.

With a little imagination and some experimentation it's much easier than most think to create some dressy new hair styles on short hair.

Regardless of the hair's type, texture or length, there are lots of way to instantly dress up short hair styles.

Listed below are some easy ways to instantly dress up short hair styles:

1.  Change the part.  A simple redirection of a normal part can add a brand new look to any hair style.

2.  Alter the texture.  If you normally wear your hair straight, wear it with texture or vice versa.

3.  Add a clip-in braid.  The style shown became instantly glam when a three strand braid was pinned off a side part and then draped over the front of the hairline.  Viola.  Instantly dressy.

4.  Add hair extensions.  Emma Watson rocked a simple, but elegant, jeweled hair clip when her hair was at it's shortest and it created a gorgeous touch.  Experiment with skinny bejeweled headbands, barrettes, bobby pins or tiny crystal encrusted jaws or claws.

5.  Add or remove a fringe.  A simple thing like adding a smooth hairline fringe can instantly change up a short hair style.  If you don't want a permanent fringe experiment with a clip-in fringe option.  If you already have a fringe, experiment with pulling it back with a headband or clips.

6.  Change the focal point.  If your hair is normally high at the crown play with adding height at the hairline instead.

7.  If you normally have allover volume consider wearing hair slicked back or down.  Or vice versa.

8.  Clip in a few strands with contrasting colors to create a completely different look.

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