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Detangling Curly Hair

Beyonce Long Naturally Curly Hair

Detangling Curly Hair

Many people would be surprised to discover that detangling curly hair is one of the most important steps to creating perfect curl clumps.

Listed below are some tips to consider when detangling curly hair:

1.  Every head of curly or naturally textured hair is different from every other type of hair. What works for one person may not work for others.  Find the detangling system which works best for you, your hair and your lifestyle.

2.  Never detangle wet or dry curly hair with a brush.  When brushing dry hair frizz may occur.  When brushing wet hair there is a risk of ripping, tearing and breakage.  All hair is most delicate when wet.

3.  It's always best to detangle curly hair before cleansing it.  If tangled hair is immersed into water full of pre-existing knots the water may only make the tangling worse.

4.  While some people with curly hair do best to detangle after first applying a rinse-out conditioner, others report that detangling works best with no conditioner of any type.

5.  Rinse-out conditioners may work best in the shower,  but may not be as effective as detanglers out of the shower.  Not all detangling products are created equal.  Find the products which work best for you and your hair type, texture and condition.

6.  If you prefer to detangle with combs or picks rather than with fingers use items which have 100% smooth teeth. If the combs or picks have teeth with rough spots they may cause delicate curls to rip or tear.

7.  When fingers are used to detangle they should be smooth without rough skin or nails.

8.  Always take your time when detangling.  Some people can detangle in a few minutes.  Others may take a lot longer.  Don't rush to avoid excessive pulling, ripping or tearing.

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Always detangle wet hair with a good quality hair pick or wide toothed comb. Make sure that the pick or comb's "teeth" are smooth to prevent snagging or ripping delicate wet hair.
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