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Lindsay Lohan Curly Hair Blast From Past

Lindsay Lohan Long Curled White Chocolate Ringlets

Lindsay Lohan Curly Hair Blast From Past

Back in 2005 an impeccably coiffed Lindsay Lohan walked the Red Carpet at the Mr. & Mrs. Smith movie premiere.

Lindsay's base color was a stunning shade of white chocolate with light wheat hued highlights and sandy low lights.

Her long fusion enhanced tresses were brushed to one side and styled into layered ringlets which cascaded off a side-part on the other side of her face.

Lindsay's sexy swirled side ringlets showed off her best side and was the perfect look for a starlet on the rise.

Unfortunately her career has not been smooth sailing since, but there's no denying she looked every inch the glam fashionista back in 2005.

How To Copy Lindsay Lohan's Curly Hair Blast From Past

Follow the steps below to copy Lindsay's Curly Haired Blast From Past Hairstyle:

1.  Cleanse detangled hair in lukewarm water with a formula or formulation designed to treat your hair type, texture and current condition.

2.  Rinse shampoo from hair and apply a smoothing rinse-out conditioner to tresses.  Use fingers or a smooth detangling comb and detangle horizontal sections of  hair from ends to the roots.

Lindsay Lohan Side View Of Long Curls

3. After hair is completely detangled rinse conditioner from hair and finish with a cool or cold water rinse.

4.  Apply a styling cocktail to towel blotted hair which includes, but is not limited to, a leave-in conditioner, defrisant and/or a straightening balm.

5.  Use the end of a tail comb and create an off-center part.  Separate remaining hair into individual 2" sections of hair and blow dry smooth with a 100% boar bristle paddle brush.  Direct air flow down the shafts from the roots to the ends.  For an extra smooth blow out attach a concentrator nozzle to the blow dryer.

6.  Once hair is 100% dry subsection hair diagonally beginning in the back of the head.  Use a 1" curling iron on 1 1/2" horizontal sections of hair to form individual ringlet curls.   After each ringlet curl is formed roll the newly formed ringlet around fingers to reform.  Pin against scalp to set and cool.

7.  Curl and pin all of the hair except the fringe and directly adjacent area which should be left smooth and straight.

8.  After hair is completely curled unpin the ringlets.  Use fingers or a 100% boar bristle brush to smooth all of the hair along the back of the head over to one side.  Direct hair over the shoulder and arrange ringlets.  Gently pull on ringlets at the ends to loosen.

9.  To achieve more curl definition pick up individual ringlet sections and gently push hair back up towards the scalp using a 'back comb' motion.   Continue on all the curls to create balance.

10.  Finish with an  overall spray of the curls with a soft styling spray to create a gentle shine and light control.

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