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Australia's Economic Blowout Fails to Cut Brazilian Blowouts

Nicole Kidman Long Red Hair

Australia's Economic Blowout Fails to Cut Brazilian Blowouts

SYDNEY, Oct. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Australian women are still willing to spend on their hair treatments, even if many sectors of the economy are having an extremely bad hair day.

And, according to leading Sydney-based hair stylist Marc Azzi of the Marc Azzi Hair Salon, Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatments are now the most popular among Australian women, thanks to their promotion by Hollywood movie stars such as Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Lopez.

"There are many cuts taking place across the Australian economy, but our experience is that women are still very much focused on looking good and keeping up their appearance," says Mr Azzi. "They certainly don't seem to mind spending money on quality hair treatments and hair products, and our strong sales growth is reflecting that.

"The most popular product among women at the moment, by far, is without a doubt the Brazilian Blowout treatment.

Our salon is continuing to average between 60-70 treatments per week, with demand growing from week to week. This is well ahead of demand for other hair treatments." 

Nicole Kidman With Long Red Braid

The Brazilian Blowout is based on products that treat the follicles of the hair to remove all frizz and fuzz, eliminating the need for hair straightening for three to four months.

"Ordinarily women have to blow dry and iron their hair straight after they shower. The Brazilian Blowout treatments are popular because after they've had one, women just blow their hair with a dryer or towel dry it and that's all they have to do. The treatment only takes about 90 minutes and gets rid of all the frizz and the fuzz from hair."

Exclusive License In Australia For Brazilian Blowout

But Mr. Azzi says that as Australia's leading ambassador and holder of the exclusive license in Australia for Brazilian Blowout products, women should be careful of salons offering services under the official Brazilian Blowout brand.

"We are aware that some salon operators have been offering treatment services using the Brazilian Blowout name, but consumers should be aware that we are one of the only salons in Australia with the Brazilian Blowout license," Mr Azzi says. "These operators are not using the official brand products, so this is misleading.

Consumers should contact the Marc Azzi Hair Salon if they are unsure about any other offers under the Brazilian Blowout brand, of if they need further information or advice on this hair treatment." For further information, contact Marc Azzi at or call 61298898789.

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