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Tonya Kay Long Blonde Dreadlocks

Tonya Kay

Tonya Kay is famous for many things in some circles, but one thing that always attracts attention is her trademark long platinum blonde dreadlocks.  Her dreadlocks are one of the first things fans notice about Tonya.

Tonya is an actress, television personality, and performance artist who appears in independent films and episodic television. Her background includes performing stunts and what she refers to as "danger arts", which consist of knife throwing and whip cracking.

Wearing her hair in dreadlocks is actually a perfect hairstyle for the multi-talented performed.

With her hair in long dreads it's probably easy for her to pull her strands back and either wrap them into a dreaded bun or a pony to keep them out of the way of any flying knives or other objects which could damage her tresses.

Tonya also has a background in modeling, dance choreography and stage performance.

She is known for participating as a contestant on NBC's America's Got Talent show, having reached the semi-finals featuring her fire poi solo with Trey Knight's Stilt World dance company. She also appeared as a contestant on five episodes of SciFi's Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

Tonya Kay Platinum Blonde

Her guest appearances on television include Numb3rs, Criminal Minds, House M.D., and Glee. Kay stars as herself, a pagan superhero, in Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose comic book series developed by Jim Balent, who describes Tonya as "probably the most dangerous actress in Hollywood today".  Her choreography and stunt consultant credits include appearing on FOX Television's Bones series.

Dreadlock How To

Dreadlocks have both advantages and disadvantages.  One key advantage is that they are relatively low maintenance requiring regular cleansing but minimal styling time.  The disadvantage is that they are not considered appropriate for some professional career settings.  Also, once dreadlocks have been firmly established the only way to easily remove them is to cut them at the roots.

While it used to take a long time to grow and develop dreadlocks, today there are many ways to speed up the process including the following options:

Tonya Kay Platinum Blonde Dreadlocks

1.  Dread Perming

2.  Wool Rubbing

3.  Hand Twisting

4.  Backcombing

5.  Au Natural

Contrary to popular opinion dreadlocked hair, which is considered different then African American locked hair, requires consistent and regular washing.  Many people think dreadlocks are not washed.  This is incorrect and if dreadlocks aren't washed it can cause all sorts of issues with the scalp and the locked hair.

Dreadlocks don't necessary need to be washed with shampoo, but can be cleansed with a variety or formulations and methods.   In fact, many dreadlock experts will advise against utilizing any cleansing products or shampoos that may leave a residue.

To keep dreadlocks well formed the consistent use of dreadlock wax is recommended.  The best wax products for dreadlocks do not contain petroleum.

For some people like Tonya Kay, dreadlocks are a wonderful hairstyle option.  If you decide you want to try dreadlocks make sure to do your research and evaluate the impact on other areas of your life.  The advantage to dreadlocks is that they can be created overnight with a wide range of options and can even be created with the help of add-on hair.

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