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Beehive Hairstyle Returns On Pan Am

Beehive On Margot Robbie On Pan Am

Beehive Hairstyle Returns On Pan Am

The beehive hairstyle has resurfaced on the hot new TV series Pan Am from ABC.  Beautiful blonde Margot Robbie who plays runaway bride Laura Cameron showcased a beautifully style classic beehive in the episode titled "We'll Always Have Paris (2011).

Laura is literally minutes from walking down the aisle to marry when she begs her older sister Kate, played by Kelli Garner, to help her escape to become a Pan Am flight attendant just like Kate.

Seeing how unhappy Laura is, Kate agrees and the two escape from the wedding.  Shortly after they take temporary refuge at a local coffee shop where Laura is still wearing her bridal beehive hairstyle.

Luckily for us we can see the beautiful blonde beehive from multiple angles.

Back in the day when first invented the beehive was created on a newly washed head of hair which was set in rollers (wet set) and then dried under a traditional hood hair dryer.  Once hair was 100% dry it was separated into individual 2" sections and backcombed to sky high heights.  To maintain the billowing clouds of hair lots of firm holding hairspray was used.

The modern version is created with a blow dryer and lots of teasing.  To recreate this classic late 50s, early 60s retro hairstyle complete the steps below.

How To Create A Beehive Hairdo

Back Of Beehive On Margot Robbie

Start by cleansing detangled hair in lukewarm water with a volume enhancing shampoo or similar formula (Diluted Shampoo, Low Poo, Water Only, etc.,).

Rinse well, apply volumizing rinse-out conditioner to hair from ears down to the ends.  Detangle.  Then rinse well finishing with a cool or cold water rinse.

1.  Towel blot and then apply a styling cocktail designed to build in lots of volume and body.  You may wish to mix a defrisant cream with a leave-in conditioner and a great styling mousse or gel.

2.  Spray roots with PhytoVolumeActif to help build lots of body.

3.  Bend over at waist and blow dry hair with a concentrator nozzle to blow up the cuticle.  Continue blow drying until hair is 100% dry.

4.  Use a long tail comb and separate all the hair from the back of the head from the front using a diagonal part which runs ear-t0-ear over the round of the head.

5.  Clip the front hair out of the way. Next, backcomb or tease the hair at the back of the head and mold hair into an elongated French Twist to create height on the crown.

Side Beehive On Margot Robbie On Pam Am

Note: Check out How To Tease Hair for instructions on how to backcomb tresses.

6. Spray with a strong hold hair spray and pin into place.

7. For the front of the hair, use a boar bristle style sculpting brush to backcomb all the hair except the front hairline. Mold all the hair back to shape over the crown and tie into the back.

8.  Finish with extra-body firm finishing hairspray.  Optionally apply 1 drop of shine serum in the palms of your hands and massage together.


The final beehive hairstyle is easiest to create with shoulder length hair that is all one length, but also works in hair with a few layers.

If your hair is very fine or is layered, tease it lightly all over. Spray it with flexible hold hairspray and lightly smooth it into the style.

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