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Katy Mixon Hair How To

Katy Mixon Hair How To

Katy Elizabeth Mixon (March 30, 1981 in Pensacola, Florida) is currently gaining a fan following as big haired Victoria Flynn, the ditzy sister of Molly Flynn, on Mike & Molly on CBS.  Previously she was known for her role as April Buchanon on Eastbound & Down.

Mixon is a perfect member of the Mike & Molly cast.  Her turn as the pot smoking, alcohol swigging, man eating sister with a heart of gold is beyond hilarious.

Although Victoria Flynn is all about ganja, Katy Mixon told VanityFair (VF) she has never personally "handled the weed situation."  She swear that "definitely not! I have never done that."

Weed Smoking Is The Key To Victoria Flynn's Voice Inflections

However, Mixon has studied the impact of weed smoking on voice presentation.  Which is why Mixon's portrayal of Victoria Flynn has a low baritone when Victoria's on the weed kick.    Mixon pointed out to VF that "the thing with Victoria is, she’s always in some state of being or becoming high.

When she’s not high or she’s just slightly high, it goes up to a higher register [raises voice a few octaves] in this range. That’s the entire basis of her personality."

Steps For Hair How To

In her role as Victoria, Katy wears her chocolate brown hair backcombed into a series of big hairstyles with lots of volume built into the roots and throughout the crown.

Ironically the actress tends to wear her own off-set hair very similar to Victoria's Mike & Molly hairstyles.

Even though she has a heart of gold, Victoria is a party girl who is very rough around the edges and spends a lot of her time high, getting high or thinking about getting high.

Sometimes her hair actually looks like she just rolled around in the hair without smoothing down her hair.

With her tendency to pick up random men at bars you might expect Victoria to have big hair.  Indeed she does.

Her hair, which is layered, often has waves and curls teased out along the perimeter.  Her hairstyles as Victoria may or may not be enhanced with clip-in extensions or even fusion hair extensions.   She tends to wear her hair brushed up and off her face.

Follow the steps below to copy Katy's look:

1. Start by cleansing detangled hair in lukewarm water with a volume enhancing cleansing formula.  If hair is bleached, highlighted or colored consider utilizing products which are designed for color care.  Optionally you may also wish to utilize an alternative cleansing methodology such as Diluted Shampoo (DS), Conditioner Only Wash (CO Wash), Water Only (WO) or similar.

2.  Rinse shampoo or similar formula from hair completely.  Apply rinse out conditioner appropriate for your hair type, texture and condition.  To add volume apply a volumizing product.  Detangle horizontal sections of hair from roots to ends with fingers or a wide tooth comb.

3.  After hair is detangled rinse well and finish with a cool or cold water rinse.

4.  Towel blot.  Apply styling cocktail including, but not limited to, a leave-in conditioner, volume enhancing root lift and/or volume enhancing mousse.

If your hair tends to frizz consider utilizing Phytodefrisant or similar.  Distribute styling cocktail completely through hair.  Use more or less depending on your hair length and thickness.

5. Once the leave-in styling cocktail has been distributed through hair use the tail of a long tail comb to create a center or side part.  Blow dry individual 2" horizontal sections by using fingers and lifting the sections at the roots.

Note: Optionally you can create ultimate lush lift by applying PhytoVolumeActif (available in Marketplace) to dry hair throughout the roots.

Working with one-inch sections of hair, hold the hair straight up and lightly mist the roots. Then, apply heat from behind with a blow dryer. Repeat this process with all sections of hair at the crown.

6. Curls can be created throughout the edges with a 1.5" curling iron. Wrap 1.5 to 2 inch horizontal sections with an iron.  Hold the iron for several seconds (will depend on hair length and thickness) until the curl sets.  To form a tighter curl reform the newly created curl with fingers and pin to set and cool.

7.  After hair has been completely dried, unpin curls.  Bend over at the waist and tousle hair.  Bend back over and use fingers to pic and arrange strands.

8. Finish this full-bodied lush long hair look with volume enhancing extra hold hairspray.

9.  For extra shimmer apply 1 drop of shine serum to the palms of the hands, massage together and then swipe over the top of the hair.


This is a beautiful hairstyle which can be created on any type of hair texture from stick straight to super curly or kinky curly.

For hair which isn't naturally straight, blow dry hair straight with a 100% boar bristle paddle brush.  Add curls along the edges with an iron.

Optionally this style can be created with a wet set.  Once this hairstyle is created it is easy to create any desired part, add a fringe or brush hair to one side.

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