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Carrie Underwood Hair Is Halfway Between Straight And Naturally Curly

Carrie Underwood told the media that the clothes she wore on American Idol (AI) were largely picked by producers.  She also explained that she has a terrible time dealing with her hair.

Why?  It's not really naturally straight, but it's also not really naturally curly either.

In a past interview with CMT, the singer walked readers through images that appeared in a past issue of Allure Magazine titled "Carrie Underwood: Style Timeline."

According to Carrie, her  AI outfits were chosen by the show's producers. "Yeah," Carrie explains. "I'm sure they picked the clothes."

Not Straight - Not Curly - In Between

When discussing her hair challenges she said "My hair's in between. It isn't straight enough to just blow it, dry and leave it. It isn't curly enough to just let it dry naturally and leave it. It's caught in the middle!

But it holds curl really well and it stays curly. I can straighten it and it really doesn't fuzz up in the humidity."  Even though she's blonde naturally, she believes she looks best with highlights.

She noted that in late 2009 - early 2010 - she didn't highlight her hair for three months.

Carrie said "It was bad. I'm blond (naturally), but it's more mousy."  So highlights definitely give her that gorgeous golden glow.

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