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Curly Hair How To Do Twirl Curling To Create Ringlets

Curly Hair  How To Do Twirl Curling To Create Ringlets

What is twirl curling?  It's a styling technique which provides ringlet style definition.

If you have curly hair how to do twirl curling to create ringlets is a topic you likely will benefit from.

Some people call this skip curling instead of twirling, but whether you want to call the technique twirling or skip curling, it's the same basic technique.

For this curl creating technique, use a curl enhancing cream and a wide tooth comb.

You will need hair which is long enough to twirl around your finger in a rope like manner.   If you like Taylor Swift's ropey ringlets, try the method below:

Step By Step Instructions For Twirl Curling

1.  Cleanse your hair in lukewarm water with your favorite product for your hair type, texture, condition and length.  Use your desired cleansing method such as full strength shampoo, low poo, diluted shampoo (DS), conditioner only (CO), no poo, water only (WO).

2.  Rinse shampoo well and then gently squeeze out excess water with fingers in an accordion method.

3.  Apply rinse out conditioner from the top of the ears down to the ends.

4.  Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers and detangle from the ends up to the roots.  Work in sections and work slowly.

5. Towel blot to remove excess water.

6.  Apply your desired styling cocktail include leave-in conditioner, defrisant or similar.

To Twirl Curl For Ringlets

1.  Take a section of hair ranging from 1/2"-3" in diameter.  The larger the section of hair, the looser the finished curl.  The smaller, the tighter.

2.  Apply a curl enhancing cream.  Use comb (or fingers) to distribute cream throughout strand.

For a tighter hold use a gel.  For a very loose curl use a mousse.

3.  Once the individual strand is coated with the create enhancing cream twist it around a finger.  Depending on the type of clumping pattern you wish to form, start the twirling right at the scalp and slowly move down, or start a few inches from the scalp.  If your hair winds too tight, loosen it a little by letting the section slide off your finger and start at that position again.

4.  Continue twisting your hair as you slide your finger down the length of the section.  As you twist the cream will seal the strand.  Use one finger to make one long twist out of each strand.  In essence you're moving your finger down the strand as you twirl.  Do not allow hair to build up around my finger.  Stop before you reach the very end of the strand.

5.  When you reach the end of the strand pinch the end between 2 fingers.  Then twirl the whole thing around and around using the same motion as turning an egg-beater crank.  You will twirl the section in the same direction as you first twirled it.   In essence you're forming a ringlet.

Note: The twirling is done by winding the strand around and around your finger. It's a motion kind of like a hula hoop. Your finger is making a circular motion. You let the hair slide around and around it.

Some people call this skipping a curl because you twirl your hair like you might twirl a rope as you skip it.  This is confusing to many people, which is why I call it twirl curling rather than skip curling.

6.  Once you have finished twirling a section let the strand hang and move to the next section of hair to be twirled. By the time you have twirled your entire head, which can take quite a bit of time, your hair should be damp or even dry.  The newly twirled curl will generally hold in place as long as you don't use your fingers or a comb to disrupt them.

7.  If you're worried that your hair won't hold after it's been twirled, you can pin the newly twirled ringlet section to your scalp to air dry.

8.  Allow hair to air dry and allow curl enhancing cream to dry on the strand and the ringlet to form.

9.  Once hair is completely dry you can unpin the ringlets and gently pull them with your fingers.  If you didn't pin, you can just gently shake your new ringlets by bending over at the waist.

Summary - Curly Hair How To Do Twirl Curling To Create Ringlets

If you have curly hair how to do twirl curling to create ringlets is a topic you likely will benefit from.  Experiment with the best method to create the type of ringlets you desire.  Remember that the smaller the section of hair and the tighter it's twirled, the tighter the ringlets which will be formed.

With special care these newly formed rope like ringlets can last up to three days.  You can re-roll them and pin them to sleep on them.

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