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Kim Kardashian Lush Eyelash Secrets

Kim Kardashian Lush Eyelash Secrets

Kim Kardashian always looks perfectly put-together from her long raven black shiny tresses to her flawless skin and spectacular eye make-up.  Did you know that one of Kim's beauty secrets are eyelash extensions?

While Kim watchers might suspect the Keeping Up With The Kardashians bride-to-be uses Latisse to grow those lush long eyelashes, insiders have revealed that she goes with eyelash extensions which keep her eyes looking amazing.

Kim is envied for her lashes, but the reality is that anyone who has a good eyelash extension expert can get the same exact results.

The advantage of eyelash extensions versus Latisse is that while Latisse will grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker, the results are gradual rather than instant, which is the case with eyelash extensions.

Of course even though Kim has lush eyelash extensions applied she still uses fabulous mascara to pump up the volume even higher.  For nighttime she goes with even more dramatic results. 

The beauty of eyelash extensions?  They can last for up to two months and the options are varied on the type of lashes and how they're applied.  There is no need for mascara although you can still use it if you wish.  Eyelash extensions are perfectly safe in the show, while swimming or exercising.

For more information or to get your own sexy, glamorous eyes with eyelash extensions check in your local area for an eyelash extension expert.

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