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Fall 2011 Hair Style Trends: 8 Ideas, Endless Possibilities

Fall 2011 Hair Style Trends: 8 Ideas, Endless Possibilities

Even though in many parts of the country we're still dealing with sizzling high heats, humidity and related end-of-summer experiences, Fall 2011 is right around the corner.  In some cases early classes have started for those back to school.

When it comes to going back to school or even making simple life changes hair comes into play.  Hair is the frame for our face and it sets the tone for our image and even our fashion choices.

(All images in this blog courtesy of from the new Jon Renau easihair clip-in strands - All Rights Reserved)

Therefore, Fall calls for new hair style ideas, endless possibilities and trends.

Listed below are 8 key ideas for Fall 2011 hair style trends.

1.  Go from light to dark - During the Summer months we often want to rock a lighter look.  Or we embrace the Ombre look where we let out dark roots grow naturally out while we enjoy a color maintenance Summer break.  When Fall returns it's a great time to reverse the trend and go with a darker or more balanced color.

Going darker, richer or deeper with your hair color palette is always a great way to get ready for some of those great Fall fashions  you're itching to get back to.

2. Change up your hair accessories - Pastel flowers pinned to one side of your messy braided twist is always fun for the hot sultry days of Summer.  While flowers are always in hair fashion, opt for flowers in richer or deeper shades appropriate for Fall.  Or switch to beautiful clips, barrettes or bands which complement your new Fall hair hues.

3.  Go longer or shorter - During lazy Summer months we tend to chill by the pool with friends rather than worry about hair maintenance.

Change things up with a visit to your favorite stylist to get Summer ravaged ends removed.  Consider the possibilities of going longer or shorter for Fall.  Even if you keep your tried and true hairstyle, the possibilities are endless.

4.  Focus on shimmer, shine and condition - Even with the best intentions hair can become overexposed to Sun, surf, sand and pool chemicals during the long, lazy summer months.  Get your hair back into shape with a little at-home or in-salon pampering with a deep conditioning or hot oiling session.

5.  Add a fringe - Summer is not the best time of the year to add a fringe, especially if your forehead gets oily when exposed to hot summer air.

Fall is ideal for adding a soft sexy fringe to go with your refreshed hair color, newly conditioned tresses and Fall fashions.  You can never really go wrong with a fringe.  Whether you go with a blunt across-the-forehead or a sassy side-swept version, you can instantly dress up your hair for Fall with a new fringe.  If you're hesitant to take the plunge than go with one of the fabulous new clip-in fringes.

6.  Change your part -Who wants to take the time to part their hair in the Summer on a trip to the pool or the beach?  Exactly.  During the Fall a crisply place part will signal a more fashion forward hair attitude.

Whether you clean up your existing part or add a new one, it can definitely give you endless possibilities to your look.

7.  Alter your texture - If you've been letting your natural texture flow, you may wish to consider changing things up.  It doesn't mean you have to head for a chemical collaboration with your stylist.  It just means you may wish to take your natural texture down a notch.

If your natural curls,wave, kinks or coils have been frizzy and out-of-control during the Summer months, redirect the texture back to a more controlled and texture defined style.  If you've been suppressing your natural texture for summer, opt for letting your true tresses flow free for Fall.

8.  Play with some clip-ins - When you weren't looking the hair extension companies introduced all kinds of cool new clip-in options ranging from heat resistant hair fibers which turn old synthetics into a much less expensive, but equal version, of human hair.  Jon Renau recently added a brand new collection of heat defiant (HD) and resistant strands to their famous easihair clip-in strands.

Pop over to see our friends at for a peek at this gorgeous strands.  Play with a few clip-ins for an endless Fall hair possibilities.

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