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Kim Kardashian Comes Out Of Hair Darkness Into The Light

Kim Kardashian Comes Out Of Hair Darkness Into The Light

The Kardashian Sisters - Kourtney, Kim, Khloe - are famous for changing up their hair length, styles and hues.  One things all the sisters understand is that changing their hair color can get them instant media buzz.

The family, famous for being famous, seems to know all the tricks to snag headlines about their hair (blonde, brunette, red), their bodies (losing weight, gaining weight, diet plans) and their romances.

(Kim at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards with light chocolate brunette tresses - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Right now Kim is hogging the Kardashian Family headlines with her huge multi-million dollar engagement ring and plans for a wedding which is said to be more spectacular (and possibly as costly) as the recent royal weddings in England and Monaco.

Now Kim has grabbed headlines again.

First there was her controversial tweets about the Casey Anthony verdict which brought ire from many, including political comedian Bill Mayer.  Now she's redirected media to her long lush raven black tresses.  Her dark tresses were part of her signature look and widely admired.

Kim traded in her raven strands for a much lighter chocolate which an array of subtle highlights and low lights giving her hair dimension, shimmer and shine.  While Kim's hair looks beautiful, many hair watchers are wondering why Kim would transition out of her traditional hair darkness into the light.

Ironically Kim has rocked a similar light chocolate brown in the past.  It's not a new hue for the bride-to-be.

The socialite tweeted the reasons for her hair color transition "I dyed my hair light for the summer." The young beauty also tweeted "I’m loving it! I feel younger!"

In 2009 when Kim went very blonde she didn't keep the hue very long.  At the time many wondered if Kim was wearing a lace front wig or a combo of wig and extensions.  Only Kim's hairdresser will ever know for sure.

Now that Kim has again moved into the light with her tresses only time will tell how long they will last.

Is this a new hue she plans to incorporate into her upcoming nuptials or will she return to her trademark raven tresses?    This current hair incarnation follows her March 2011 change where she adopted Bo Derek braids for a music video shoot.

The bride-to-be made the hair color change just in time for a trip with fiancé Kris Humphries to his hometown of Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Will the reality TV star be too much for Minnetonka to handle?  At least her hair will look stunning.

(Image above of Kim with lighter strands as of July 2011 and to the right at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

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