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Hair Jewelry - Would You Wear A Human Hair Necklace?

Hair Jewelry - Would You Wear A Human Hair Necklace?

Kerry Howell is a 23-year old art and jewelry student of London Middlesex University who wove real human hair into necklaces for her 2011 graduate collection titled Kerry Howell's website

Kerry was inspired by the yin and yang that is human hair.  Kerry realized that when hair is still flowing from the head it is considered to be a banner of individual pride and beauty.

However, once that same cherished hair is laying on the floor of a hair salon after being shopped off, it is considered distasteful, even repulsive.

Many people find the idea of coming into contact with discarded or stray hair as unthinkable, gross, horrifying.  In fact, there's nothing worse then finding loose hairs in your food or drink.

Inspired by the opposing emotional responses to hair in both states,  Kerry wanted to see if “discarded hair” could be made “attractive again”, she said.  She hoped to use "discarded hair" to create a “delicate balance between the viewer/wearer’s feelings of aversion and attraction."

The award-winning graduate collection explores materials of attraction and aversion.  The collection contains instinctively pleasing patterns and symmetry, likened to Damask wallpaper patterns.

For each necklace, Kerry spent more than 60 hours using her mother’s friend’s waist-length hair that’s is only cut once every five years, to supply the source material.

These pieces of hair-around-necks have won the Museum of Domestic Design and Architecture’s Arthur Silver Award, and exhibited at London’s Business Design Centre.  Twitter

Attraction/Aversion is a material exploration of attraction and aversion and how people can feel these seemingly opposing emotional responses simultaneously.  To view part of the collection visit Kerry Howell's website.

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