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Hairstylist Kazumi Morton Perfects The Art Of Color

Hairstylist Kazumi Morton Perfects The Art Of Color

Hair health and Skin Tone are Integral to Philosophy

Kazumi Morton has a passion for color and true talent that has been polished by years of experience and dedication. She has a brilliant ability to transform hair color while complementing skin tone, and knows how to incorporate the hottest trends into beautiful looks for her clients.

While Los Angeles is known for its ubiquitous blondes, the ombré look has recently taken the city by storm. Now that the two-toned Drew Berrymore look has faded in popularity, the current trend is much softer and natural looking.

Kazumi creates the perfect gradual dark-to-light look by adding highlights to the tips of hair and blending them well, sometimes adding highlights around the face as well. Kazumi finds inspiration in her children’s hair, which is naturally lightened from the sun, to produce realistic results.

While lately many people have been shying away from red hair because its trending cycle was down, the color is making a comeback and Kazumi knows just how to approach it. This summer, she says, will see shades of copper, strawberry blonde, and apricot. Kazumi adds “sun-kissed” highlights to red so the color has dimension and looks natural.

For brunettes, Kazumi reaches for colors that are more “woody” in tone as opposed to metallic, such as butterscotch and caramel. The challenge is to find a balance between warm tones, which reflects light, and ash tones, which absorb light. She adds subtle highlights, since the same all-over cover can look inky.

Kazumi approaches blonde with caution, since over-highlighting damages hair. In spite of the platinum blonde excess in Los Angeles, Kazumi insists that less is more when it comes to highlights, and there is much technical skill involved in creating natural-looking highlights. As with any color, Kazumi carefully selects the right blonde to complement her client’s complexion.

While Kazumi can fix just about any color-challenged mane, there are occasionally the necessary exceptions. Unwilling to enable peroxide addicts, Kazumi is not afraid to turn down a client if more color would further damage over-treated and fried locks. She sends them home with some great conditioner and a hair-care regimen until their hair is healthy enough for another treatment.

About Kazumi Morton

Seeking new horizons, 20-year-old Kazumi Morton left her home in Japan in 1991 and landed in Los Angeles, armed with a life-long passion for hair and rudimentary English. With the intent of staying only six months, she instead enrolled in the Vidal Sassoon Academy.

Graduating in 1995 with honors, Kazumi landed an assistant position at the prestigious Umberto Salon, where she was offered her own chair after an exceptionally brief time. She shocked her peers when she declined it in favor or continuing her education and training.

For two years, Kazumi worked by the side of celebrity stylist Stuart Gavert, of Gavert Atellier, a master colorist whose work was constantly featured in the world’s most renowned fashion magazines. It was a whirlwind experience, jet-setting between Los Angeles, New York and Japan, working incessantly on A-list heads for photo shoots and events.

The two even created the looks for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for their roles in the mega-hit Twilight. Other celebrities that have had their color done by Kazumi include Christina Applegate, Shannon Dougherty and Cheri Oteri.

Integrity Of Client's Hair

Now a stylist at Neil George, Kazumi adheres to a strict policy of maintaining the integrity of her client’s hair. Instead of simply copying a style from a client’s magazine clipping, Kazumi does her “homework.” Between the consultation and appointment, Kazumi and her clients email back and forth, sharing photos for ideas and inspiration, which is a very important process.

A visual artist, Kazumi prides herself in creating the perfect balance of shade, highlights and the integrity of the hair for each individual, carefully taking into account their skin tone. She uses the highest quality products to ensure long-lasting color and minimal damage. In addition to using techniques that keep hair looking good even when the color starts to fade, Kazumi educates her clients on post-treatment care to maximize the duration of their look.

Expertise In Japanese Thermal Straightening

Also known for her expertise in Japanese or Thermal Straightening, Kazumi is credited with introducing the technique to several top salons in Los Angeles. Her straightening services are highly sought after because she provides results that are smooth and straight, but still have natural-looking bounce and volume.

Kazumi is an educator for the leading Japanese hair care product company, Milbon, and trains other stylists regularly. She prefers Milbon products for straightening and utilizes Wella, Redken and L’Oreal for color.

A professed workaholic and seeker of challenges, Kazumi says, “I love transforming and improving people’s looks by giving them the perfect hair color!”

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