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Ann Curry's Beautiful Bob Hairstyle How To

Bob haircuts never go out of style.  They may morph into a wide range of shapes, lengths and styles but ultimately they can be modified to work with just about every face shape, hair length, texture and type.

The key to having a great bob is to make sure it's not frizzy, fuzzy of puffy.  This means you have to start with a great bob haircut and the follow up with great styling products and techniques.

Ann Curry's hairstyle is often a classic chin length bob worn with or without a fringe.  Sometimes Ann's bob is sleeker than others.  I love how she changes it up and always looks chic, fresh and polished.

If you'd like to recreate Ann's bob hairstyle - with or without a fringe - consider the steps listed below:


Cleanse tresses in lukewarm hair using your preferred method based on your hair type, texture and current condition.  Use shampoo, low poo, Diluted Shampoo (DS),  Conditioner Only (CO), Water Only (WO).

If your hair is fine or thin and you want to add lots of movement and volume be sure to utilize cleansing products which help bolster strands.Condition

Depending on your hair type, texture and needs you may wish to add a dab of rinse out conditioner.  If a conditioning step isn't necessary then do a full rinse,  When possible perform a cool or cold final rinse.


Towel blot your hair with a hair friendly towel to remove excess moisture.  Apply a styling cocktail including but not limited to a leave-in conditioner, defristant and styling cream. Work through from right below the roots down to the very ends.


Use a fine tooth comb and separate hair into 1" individual vertical sections. Spritz  each section with a heat protection spray to help hold the finished bob hairstyle and add shimmer and shine.

You have the option to create a fringe or a variety of parts.  The options are endless.  Select the options which work best for your hair and face shape.


Slide a small to medium wide flat iron over each individual section of hair.  As you iron the sections use a heat-resistant comb to glide through the hair in harmony with the iron.

Divide And Conquer

Continue with this method of separating each hair into sections, iron and combing.   The flat iron will add smoothness and shine while the comb will help to straight and separate each section making it sleek and full of shimmer,

Edge It Up

Once you have worked through each of the sections with the combination of the iron and comb you'll have a gorgeous bone straight and sleek hairstyle.

To create an edgier, amped up look,  apply just a dab of styling wax to the tips your hair.  To create extra texture, apply a flat iron to the tip of the hair where you've used styling wax.

If you prefer you can skip the wax applied to the edges and use a curling iron along the edges to add a slight curl like Ann does sometimes.

Sleek Fringe

Work a little wax or putty through the end of the fringe,  Run the iron over the fringe with the comb for a sleek finish.  A bob can be work with a fringe or not.  Sometimes Ann wears a fringe and sometimes not.  Either way her hair always looks great.

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