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Gwen Stefani's Biggest Luxury Is A Hair Stylist

No Doubt singer Gwen Stefani thinks having a hair stylists on tour with her is the ''luxury of her life''.  Ironically, she still doesn't trust anyone else to do her make-up and insists upon doing it all herself.

Even though Gwen puts on her own face, she told Elle magazine "for the last couple tours I've had hair people, which is the luxury of my life. I'm like, 'Why did I do it myself this whole time?'"  The platinum blonde rocker admitted she loves being pampered by having her hair done and regrets not getting her own hairdresser much sooner for when she was on tour.

Although she loves the luxury and pampering of having her hair styled by someone else, she confessed that in the past she had a "real problem with make-up artists."

Her troubles with make-up pros started when she was doing the first No Doubt album which was ultimately shelved.  Gwen decided that her make-up for that first album looked horrible and she looked "ugly".  She noted "it is the worst make-up."

Her bad experience from the first No Doubt album gave her the resolve to not let anyone else do her make-up "because they don't know how to do it."  Gwen, started doing her make-up "in seventh grade when she learned to put on her make-up in home economics."

The singer, fashion designer and mother of two is famous for her iconic red lips.  She admits she has been "obsessed with make-up since she was young.

While Gwen - who is known for her trademark red lips - has been obsessed with make-up since she was young, she prefers to apply her own cosmetics on tour because she believes she is the only person who can get it right.

She said: "I started in seventh grade. We had home economics, and they'd bring someone in to show you how to put your make-up on. I can draw and paint. That's my background.

Even though Gwen still does most of her own make-up herself she admitted that ""I learn from make-up people now."

It's not really surprising that Gwen's biggest luxury is a hairstylist.  Because she keeps her hair the whitest shade of platinum blonde, she most likely enjoys having a hair stylist deal with the upkeep of her color and keeping her hair properly maintained and conditioned.

Of course while having great make-up is important for someone of Gwen's status, having a great hair stylist who can keep her hair looking spectacular would definitely be something of great value.  Especially on tour.  No wonder she considers it a luxury.  Who wouldn't?

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