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Hair How To: Questions You Must Ask Before Getting Any Cut Or Color

It's common knowledge in the hair world is that the devil is in the details.  What does this mean?

Quite simply that before you spontaneously pop into your hairstylist's chair and whimsically ask for a sizzling new hair cut and dramatic new color you need to ask the following questions:

1.  What will it take to maintain this cut and/or color?

2.  How often will I need to do root touch up?

3.  How often will I need to have the cut trimmed or reshaped?

4.  Will this haircut work with my face shape?

5.  Will the color complement my skin and eye tone?

6.  Does this haircut work for his hair type, texture and current condition?

7.  Does this haircut add or subtract age and/or pounds?

8.  How difficult will it be to duplicate the styling techniques at home?

9.  If I decide I don't like it how hard would it be to return to my current hair color and/or style?

10.  How long will it take the hair cut to grow out and what styles can I transition to?

11.  Are there new products I will need to buy to maintain the color or create the new styles?

12.  What is the best features of the color and/or cut?

13.  What are the worst features of the new color and/or cut?

14.  If you were me, would you recommend this cut and or color or something else and why?

(Image above of Edan Kencayd wearing a gorgeous Michelle Roy floral hair accessory available at - Photo by Karen Marie Shelton - All Rights Reserved)

If your hairstylist doesn't want to discuss these questions with you or tries to rush you to the chair before you are comfortable then maybe you should reconsider the new cut and/or color.  It's true that stylists don't like being told how to do their jobs but good stylist love to act as a consultant to guide you towards gorgeous hair.

When you can start a new cut or color with thoughtful answers to the questions above you will have more of an understanding of what you are really getting into for the long term.  Remember that you, not your hairstylist, will have to live with any drastic new hair look you adopt.

It's tempting sometimes to surrender yourself to your hairstylist and ask them to make you over.  If you watch the Makeovers on shows like Today it looks so easy.  But keep in mind that women that get a complete makeover on major TV shows have access to an entire team including a hairstylist, master hair colorist, make-up artist and a fashion stylist rather than just one stylist.

Also, we never see the women from the Beauty Ambushes six months after.  I often wonder how many of those women who leave the NBC Today studios with a drastic new cut and color who struggle after wards with maintaining their hot new looks.

Remember, when in doubt, just don't.

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