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Jerry O'Connell's Cat Has Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood In It And Attacks Him

Jerry O'Connell who currently co-stars on The Defender with Jim Belushi was on Ellen DeGeneres on Friday, March 4th.

Jerry danced out onto the stage, twirled around and did the butt bump with Ellen.  After they sat down Ellen told Jerry "we need to bring the bump back."  Ellen told Jerry "let's you and I bring the bump back."   Laughing Jerry said "bump never left Ellen. The bump never left."

Ellen said "it went away, I don't know if you know that, but it went away for a little while, but we should bring the bump back."  The actor who went to law school for a year before taking the role of a lawyer on the defenders chided her "not in my repertoire." Motioning to himself he said it's always been in it."

The host said "well somebody has to really hold on because you have a firm bump." Jerry laughed .  He said "I'm a little aggressive, a little excited" about being on the show.

When asked about his twins girls with his wife Rebecca Romijn he explained they're 25 months old and "people weren't joking about the terrible twos."  After showing some adorable photos of the twins on the back screen Jerry said "we are always sending pictures in when they're behaving really well.  I won't say which one misbehaves, but uh...they're really cute."

Ellen said "oddly enough they look exactly like both of you."  The actor said "I'm definitely the daddy and Rebecca is definitely the mommy cause I saw the whole process and everything".

Jerry explained how his twins have been manifesting their terrible twos.  He said "well they're just starting to speak so we can't say anything around them anymore because they understand what's going on.  I did say shut up to the dog" who was going crazy barking, not in a violent manner but in a pleasant way.  He continued than "both my kids were like...shut up, shut up, shut up."

When someone else said 'no way' to the girls they picked it up and now whenever the actor tells them it's dinner time the twins say "no way, no way."  While Ellen thought it was kinda cute Jerry explained "there is an obedience issue that is not there whey they're saying  'no way'.

Jerry told Ellen "they're going to school now.  That was a big step in their lives.  My wife was crying and it was a very emotional time to send them off to school. I was crying out happiness. I was like, 'goodbye! This is amazing we have four hours together.'"

Besides two cute little girls Jerry said that because his wife "is very much into rescuing animals "we have three dogs and two cats."  A photo of Jerry's cats were shown.  He pointed to one and said "there's our cat Smitty."

Jerry's Cat Has Charlie Sheen Tiger Blood

He warned Ellen's audience "listen don't get tricked by these (cute cat) photos.  That cat, let me tell you about that cat. I go to sleep at night.  I work, come home, lay down, watch a little Ellen on my DVR there and then I'm dozing off into sleep.  And that cat somehow thinks my feet are like an animal. It will just attack my feet, but really really attack it.  Like it's got Charlie Sheen Tiger blood in it."

Jerry explained that before he was married to Rebecca he "grew up in New York City.  We don't deal with wild animals like that."  In fact, the cats arrived at his home while he was "away for a weekend" and Rebecca "was like, I think we should get cats."  Jerry told her 'okay, let's talk about it when I get back.'  When he arrived home there were the two cats."  The cats were rescued at the same time from the pound.

Although they have a big cat named Captain who "make Garfield look like Christian Bale in The Fighter" only Smitty attacks him.  But only him, not Rebecca or anyone else.  Why him?  "Smitty attacks my feet because I think Smitty knows she can get a reaction out of me.  And it's screaming. I get freaked out when" the attacks happen.  Teeth and clause and everything get through."

He said when the cat attacks "I have to wake my wife up.  And my wife is like 'why can't you just lift the cat and put her on the ground?' and I tell her 'because I'm scare of her.  She (the cat) scares me.'  She's a wild animal."

As far as the household dogs, Jerry said "I never had a cat, I never had dealings with those wild animals, but dogs, hey they're super cool.  When you say 'come here' to a dog, they come over and are so happy.  When you say 'come over here' to a cat they give you attitude and they look at you (as if to say) in a minute."   Ellen agreed "they're on their own time."

Getting Busted For Fast Food Habits

The actor explained his wife is a "little health conscious, wanting the kids to eat healthy."  When he sees a drive-through he's like 'let's do it' and takes the kids through before and after school."

One day the kids were in the car with Jerry and Rebecca and got very excited at one of the establishments with the arches.  They kept pointing and Rebecca was asking what was going on.  To keep his secret Jerry told her 'I don't know what's going on, maybe they saw a commercial' and he said he wanted to tell them 'shut up, shut up.'"

Jerry Swears On His Male Pattern Baldness

Ellen tried to call Rebecca with Jerry still on the stage to have her guess the secret word.  She was MIA.  When Ellen called back later she explained the twins were mesmerized by blowing bubbles in their school playground and wouldn't leave to arrive home in time for Ellen's call.  She told the host "the bubbles won out" over you.

Rebecca guessed the secret word on the first try and a sheepish Jerry said "I swear on my male pattern baldness"  I didn't tell her (the word.)

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