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Helena Bonham Carter Rocked Mass Of Curls At 2011 Oscars

When it comes to fashion, Britian's Helena Bonham Carter is truly a mixed bag of tricks.  Listed by E's Fashion Police as one of the top five celebrities to watch on the Oscar 2011 Red Carpet, Carter indeed was watchable.   Carter, 44, was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for The King's Speech.

Although she lost The Best Supporting Actress award, Carter won the adoration of E's Kelly Osbourne who has been crushing on Carter throughout the entire awards season.

While live on E! News during the Academy Awards Red Carpet broadcast Kelly expressed her admiration.

She said to Carter  "I adore you. I love the way that you dress, I love the way you come on the carpet and you set a standard and don't care what people think. You look beautiful tonight. I am obsessed with you."   Carter returned the favor telling Kelly "I love you too."  It was a very touching moment.

Mass Of Curls Piled High On Top Of Head

While many fashionistas deemed Carter to be one of the worst dressed at the  2011 Oscars, some placed her on the best list.  Vanity Fair was one of the magazines which listed her as best dressed.

Ironically, the star who was dressed by Oscar winning costume designer Colleen Atwood, was spotted wearing a flip flop shoe accessory pinned into her mass of chocolate brown shimmering curls which were piled high on her head.   Although Carter's curls appeared to be unrestrained, at further examination her tresses were masterfully coiffed to give the impression of free form ringlet cascades.As reported by the media, the day of the Oscars, Carter’s mother visited the EXTRA Luxury Lounge, where she picked up a pair of FlipOut Sandals adorned with miniature crown jewels.  The little crown jewel estimated to cost around $10 was nestled into Carter's bouncy curls.

Helena Bonham Carter Collaborated With Costume Designer Colleen Atwood

Before the 2011 Red Carpet parade began Carter let it be known she had not hired a fashion stylist to help her select a gown.  Instead she put her head together Atwood, with her Alice In Wonderland costumer.  Atwood was nominated for an Oscar for her work on the film where Carter played the Red Queen.  The very proper costume designer picked up an Oscar for Alice even though it was not her first golden statue.

When Atwood's name was called the cameras panned to Carter sitting with Tim Burton.  You could see the excitement on her face at the announcement of Atwood winning the Oscar.

Carter collaborated with Atwood to celebrate "film rather than fashion."  The result?  A Red Carpet gown which was an 1880s-inspired black velvet gown which she paired with Solange Azagury-Partridge earrings and a Lulu Guinness fan-shaped clutch.  Like the E fashion team predicted, she definitely one to watch.

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