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Hailee Steinfeld In Talks For The Hunger Games

Actress Hailee Steinfeld, the beautiful and poised 14 year old Oscar nominated actress who played Mattie Ross in True Grit will be back on the Red Carpet before we know it.   Although she didn't win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, the young performer has caught the eye of other movie directors.  The adorable starlet is here to stay.

It has been confirmed that Hailee has spoken with the director of the new movie, The Hunger Games.  She is under consideration for the role of Katniss Everdeen.

The 14 year old is also famous for her long lush chocolate brown tresses which she wears in a range of styles from long sleek ponytails to chic updos studded with perfectly formed barrel curls.

Speaking to MTV News, Hailee said she has a 'lot of projects that we're looking at the moment' but said she has met with the film's director Gary Ross.  She added: 'It's definitely something that we're taking one day at a time and making sure that everything is in place.'

Hailee was the darling of the recent award season Red Carpets. She confessed that even with all the attention directed upon her, she also still a fan.

She told the media "it's crazy and so much fun" to see all the big name stars "like left and right, oh my god.  Oh my gosh.  I'm really blessed to be here.   She  also said "I can't believe it just five or six years ago I was just a girl on on a quest for commercials.  Now I'm here so it's amazing."

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