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How To Achieve Rockin' Hairstyles From Grammy Awards

Get The Look: Rockin’ Hairstyles at the Grammy Awards from Pureology PureArtists

With a strong influence of the 70's coming into fashion for the spring, we saw a big resurgence of that flare at last night’s GRAMMY Awards. From soft waves and curls to long, hippie-length hair to simple ponytails, great hair rocked the red carpet.

Pureology PureArtists Natasha Sunshine, April Webster, Darren Pena and Sandra Joseph give their top three hair trends at the GRAMMY Awards and how to achieve these looks:

70’s Waves as worn by Lea Michele and Miranda Lambert

Step 1:   Spray ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray throughout hair and layer SilkBodifier and NourishingNectar in as well. Dry completely.

Step 2:   Twist varying sized sections no larger than 1" square as you wrap down length of iron. For added strength spray each section with ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray prior to wrapping. Secure with single prong clip to cool.

Step 3:  Drop clips and work a tiny, pea-sized amount of ColourStylist CuticlePolisher through hands prior to breaking up curls with fingertips.

Step 4:   Finish with a light mist of ColourStylist StrengtheningControl zero dulling hairspray.

Ciara And Lady Antebellum Hillary Scott's Hippie-Length Long Hair

Ciara and Lady Antebellum fans will be saying "I need that hair now...!" as Hillary Scott showed off hippie-length long hair

Step 1:  Lightly mist Pureology ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray, and apply a golf ball-sized amount of ColourStylist SilkBodifier to damp hair and dry using a large round brush for movement on length of hair. For fringe use a small Denman brush to bevel edges, yet keep smooth.

Step 2: Using a 1 1/2" -2" curling iron and ColourStylist StrengtheningControl hairspray, "flick" out front face frame and bend ends on length to give a long smooth finish.

Step 3: Smooth through a small amount of ColourStylist CuticlePolisher and your style is GRAMMY-ready!

Polished Ponytail as worn by Lady Gaga

Step 1:  Spray ColourStylist FortifyingHeatSpray to entire head, along with a blend of ColourStylist AntiSplitBlowDry and NourishingNectar before drying in a directional pattern of the ponytail shape with a flat paddle brush.

Step 2:  When hair is dry create a high "cheerleader-style" ponytail on the crown of the head using a small paddle brush and/or combs to ensure a perfectly smooth perimeter. After securing pony with an elastic, apply a pea-sized amount of ColourStylist SilkBodifier to a fine-toothed Comb and smooth in any flyaways around the hairline.

Step 3:  Take a 1" section of hair from the ponytail and spray ColourStylist StrengtheningControl hairspray down the length and smooth with fingers before wrapping around base of pony to hide the elastic.

Step 4:  Smooth length of ponytail with ColourStylist CuticlePolisher

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