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How To Serve & Eat Edible Flowers

Edible flowers can impress even the most skeptical of dinner guests.  Not only are they pretty, they're very appetizing.  You can either grow your own flowers from seeds or buy them from your local nursery.

Keep in mind that not all flowers are edible.  Also, never eat flowers from lawns or roadside or from florist and nurseries unless they are clearly labeled edible.  It's also important to avoid flowers which have been sprayed with pesticide.

Grow Your Own Edible Flowers

If you want to grow your own edible flowers bill a clean pot with soil, organic fertilizer and add the seeds.

Water appropriately and place in a sunny spot.  The advantage of growing your own edible flowers is that you can harvest them as soon as they bloom and they will be very fresh.  Plus you will have the pride of growing the flowers yourself.

How To Prepare Your Own Edible Flowers

Before you serve the flowers pluck them from the plants, remove the stamens and pistils, and wash gently.  For best results, store your edible flowers between damp towels until ready to serve or freeze whole small blossoms into ice cubes for a pretty addition to iced tea or lemonade.

Some of the more popular edible flowers include the following:


This flower, known as Viola X wittrockiana, can be decoratively utilized in salads.  Or if you prefer, enjoy the mild and minty flavor of pansies as edible decorations on frosted cakes.  If you eat only the petals, the flavor is much milder than if you eat the entire flower.  Used as garnishes in fruit salads, green salads, desserts or in soups they have a wintery, green or minty flavor.

Marigolds & Daylilies

For a peppery punch add these flowers to soups or anything that benefits from a spicy kick.  Marigolds can be used as a substitute for saffron and they are great in salads due to their citrus flavor.

Chive Blossoms

Known as allium schoenoprasum, chive blossoms are part of the edible allium family which includes leeks, garlic shallots, ramps and garlic chives, regular chives are famous for providing a delicate onion taste to baked potatoes and soups they also work on grilled meats.   The flowers tend to have a stronger flavor than the leaves and the young developing seed-heads are even stronger.


This fragrant flower also known as lavandula angustifolia has a sweet floral flavor with hints of lemon and citrus notes.   Lavender flowers are beautiful and decorative which makes them perfect for a dinner party.

They look great in a glass of champagne, as a garnish for chocolate cake, sorbets, yogurts, baked goods or ice creams.  Lavender also works in wine-reduced sauces or hearty stews or can create a luscious scent to custards, flans or hand made sorbets.

Wide Range Of Edible Flowers

There are a wide range of additional edible flowers which can be enjoyed in a myriad of dishes from appetizers and main courses to desserts.  Before you explore the amazing world of edible flowers, do your homework to make sure what you want to eat is truly safe and delicious.

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