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Natalie Portman Embarrassed To Be A Pregnancy Cliché

Natalie Portman Black Swan Hairstyle

Natalie Portman Embarrassed To Be A Pregnancy Cliché

Everything's she touches turns to gold for actress Natalie Portman who recently nabbed the Golden Globe (GG) award for her starring role in Black Swan.

The beautiful brunette actress, who recently got engaged, is due to have her first child in the Summer of 2011.  Natalie was a guest on Ellen Degeneres yesterday to chat about all of her current good fortune.

Natalie Portman Light Chocolate Long Tresses

Natalie wore her light chocolate brunette tresses long and lush for her visit.  Her strands cascaded from a deep side part down around her shoulders.  Her tresses formed loose waves with a hint of curl around the edges.

Ellen started by congratulating Natalie for her GG win and told her "I do predict you're going to win the Oscar."  The actress seemed a little overwhelmed by Ellen's enthusiasm and prediction.

Throughout the show Natalie and Ellen had a great time, laughing and chatting.  They seemed like old friends and Ellen made reference to a lunch the two had together before the actress filmed Black Swan.

Losing Weight For The Role Of The Black Swan

Natalie Portman With Ballerina Bun

Natalie had to lose weight for her role as the anorexic ballerina.  She told Ellen "I stopped losing weight as soon as I was done with that (filming on Black Swan)."

The funny lady asked the award winning actress if she was worried about "getting stuck in that crazy (eating disorder) head" because of how thin she had to be for the role.

Natalie said "yeah, I think it's really something physiological that happens with people who have (eating) disorders.  The whole time I was 'I look to0 skinny' and when I was done I was like eating whatever I wanted and thought I looked better afterwards."

Ellen pointed out that a lot of people who dance are very thin.  Natalie agree.  She said "some of it is natural from the athletics and some of it is definitely....."

The talk show hostess asked how much Natalie lost for her role as the dark ballerina.  Natalie said "I probably lost 20 pounds, but I'm gaining it back now." At that moment she pointed to her expanding baby bump.

How Natalie And Her Finance Got Together

Ellen wanted to know if Natalie and Benjamin, her finance, started their romance right away or if it was more something that developed over time as they shot the movie together.

Natalie said it was "definitely over time as we worked together more.  It's very romantic to dance together."  Natalie explained that not only was Benjamin "my partner in the" movie, but he "choreographed it as well."

Natalie Portman Black Swan Hairstyle

When Ellen discussed Natalie's pregnancy she asked if the actress was having any cravings.

The actress laughed and said "I'm embarrassed at what a cliche I am because I love pickles.  I liked them before."

She confessed that she likes the "dill pickles, the vinegar.  Anything with vinegar, ketchup also, is a vinegar food.  I love ketchup."

No Strings Attached

Natalie said she's feeling great and she's "so lucky" with her pregnancy and all the great things that are happening for her right now.

When asked if she's ever had a "friend with benefits"  relationship like her character in "No Strings Attached", her new movie with Ashton Kutcher, Natalie said "no, I don't know if anyone I know has had the arrangement like in the movie's characters."

Natalie explained that how the movie portrays friends with benefits is probably very different than what real life is like.

The actress was unwilling to say when her exact due date was or whether she was having a boy or girl.  She claimed to not know the sex of the baby.  Ellen did her special series of tests to determine the sex of the baby.

According to Ellen's analysis Natalie is having a girl.  I guess only time and lots of pickles will tell.

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