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How To Get Your Natural Hair Color Back - If You Really Want To?

It's a common wish amongst those hair consumers who've dabbled with hair color at home or have gone through a series of hue transitions with the help of a color professional.

How easy is it to take your hair back to it's God given hue?  It depends on a variety of factors including do you really want to revert to the color you were born with?  If you've been coloring your hair for many years, you may actually be disappointed if you go back in color time to the original version of yourself.

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Dig Out The Photo Album

Before you hit the hair color aisle at the local drugstore or book a very expensive professional hair color appointment so some soul searching.  Dig out photos of yourself as a baby, small child and teen.  Did you like the way your hair color evolved as your aged?  Or did you change your color because your original hue looked dull, boring or lacking in pizazz?  Good question, right?

Once you've researched your hair color from the past talk to your family and friends.  Do they prefer the color you currently have or do they prefer you in a previous shade?  You might be surprised to hear what they have to say.

Try On A Rainbow Of Wigs

If you're still in doubt about the color path to take, head to the nearest wig store and try on styles similar to your own hairstyle but in an array of hues.  Snap some photos with your phone for later review.

One thing to consider.  If you find a wig you really love, why not buy it and wear it for awhile to get used to the new color.  You may decide after a short time you don't really like the color afterall.  Better to find out that a color is a dud before you make a chemical change.

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Note: For a fabulous array of wigs visit our partners atHenry Margu -  When in doubt give them a call for personal assistance in picking out a wonderful wig in your target hue.

Yes, you could try some of the instant makeover hairstyles on the web but the reality is that you need to look at yourself in natural light and a variety of mirrors.  The computer screen really doesn't give you a honest view for something as important as changing your entire color signature.

Play With Well Placed Hair Extensions

If wigs aren't your style, consider playing with clip-in extensions placed around your hairline in your desired color.   A few well-placed clip-in or fused in strands can give you a taste of what your target color will look like against your skin and with your eyes and lips.

(Wig by Henry Margu - - All Rights Reserved)

Skip The Temporary Hair Color Route

Skip the temporary hair color route because if done improperly the colors can seep down into your cuticles and leave a color shadow or stain.  Not a great idea if you're preparing for a color change.  Stick with the photos and the wig experiments and skip any temporary hair color trials.

Work On A Conditioning Program

Hair color can be very damaging for any type of hair.  If you decide you do want to undergo a major hair color change, make sure your current hair is healthy and in good condition.  Hair that is damaged or porous may not respond to a major color alteration.  Before you begin a new color journey put your tresses through a planned conditioning program to get your strands ready for a brand new hue journey.

Make The Transition With Highlights And Lowlights

While some people take the traditional method of letting their hair color grow out from the roots, it can be a long and brutal process.  Haven't you seen the platinum blonde with ink black roots?  It's not a pretty sight and can be hard to handle.

Instead of taking the white knuckle root regrowth path, work with a professional colorists who can weave in strategically placed highlights and lowlights to take your hair slowly back to where you want it to be.

(Image of  Henry Margu - available at - All Rights Reserved)

Be Willing To Alter Your Expectations

After you have gracefully transitioned back to your natural hair color be willing to continue to jazz up your color with a few highlights and lowlights.  Sometimes your natural hair color may not be compatible with your skin and eye tones.  Hair which is all one color may be flat and without beautiful dimensions.

Work with your professional haircolorist to weave in a few contrasting tones to flatter your eyes and skin and give hair natural movement and beautiful dimension.  A few tiny highlights around the hairline will allow you to keep your original hair color as your base but benefit from an updated look.

Once You've Returned To Your Natural Color

Whether you transition back to your original hair color, opt for an altered version or adopt highlights and lowlights, keep your hair well trimmed and conditioned.  You may also want to investigate some hair style tweaks such as adding a fringe, strategically placed layers or altered length.

(Image of Revlon Wig from - All Rights Reserved)

There's nothing more fabulous that amping up your  hair color and showing it off with a beautiful length and style.

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