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Curlformers Make Dreams Of Gorgeous Curls Come True

I remember the first time I ever heard about Curlformers.  I was sitting in Celeb Hairstylist Robert Hallowell's LA kitchen in May of 2009.

I was at Robert's kitchen table drinking tea and he was sprawled out on the floor rooting through his massive refrigerator.  Robert's precocious cat, Handsome, was prowling the space between Robert and where I sat at his table.  While I peppered him with my normal 1001 hair questions he would answer, stopping periodically to bark "no shopping" at Handsome as the adorable cat launched a sneak attack on some of the food temporarily displaced from the refrigerator.

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Curlformers Not Curlfarmers

Robert and I were discussing how to achieve gorgeous curls on wavy tresses.  With his head partially buried inside the bowels of the refrigerator he barked "Curlformers".   I thought I had misheard him to say Curlfarmers.   A bit of hilarious repartee ensued until Robert had convinced me that Curlformers were these revolutionary patented curling tools that he absolutely adored and not curls harvested from a farm somewhere in England.

He explained how to use the new curling tool but I couldn't picture how it worked in my head.  Jumping up he ran off into his home salon and came striding out with a few of the Curlformers in his hand.  He gave me a quick demonstration of how you use the hook to pull the hair through the Curlformer and how it naturally springs into place.  Impressive.

Robert explained this cool new curling tool allowed anyone with any type of hair to alter their natural texture on a temporary basis without heat or chemicals.    Even better, Robert explained that the inventors of the curling product were a family-owned business and "the absolutely nicest people around."

Curlformers Offer Many Curling Options

After I got back to Dallas I immediately checked out the Curlformer curling tools created by UK-based Hair Flair Ltd.  The Curlformers easily creates a variety of curls ranging from ringlets and spirals to loose-barrel waves.  There is virtually no damage to the hair and the curls will last for a reasonable amount of time.

Unlike traditional hair rollers which require the hair to be rolled on the outside of the curlers, Curlformers form new curls inside the curling device, not outside it. Curlformers do not require hot irons or similar curling devices.

While some popular rollers work for many, they don't work for everyone.  In fact, Curlformers work for every hair type and texture ranging from curly, wavy, kinky and coily to stick straight.  They work on fine hair, thick hair and chemically relaxed hair.  Curlformers can also be used on hair extensions.

Although they may sound complicated, Robert convinced me that they're very easy to use after a little bit of practice.

How To Use Curlformers

Curlformers work best on freshly cleansed, damp hair that has been towel blotted, detangled and separated into the desired sections.  Starting at one side of the head use the Curlformers hook to hook a section of hair, squeeze open the Curlformer and then draw the hook up and back through the Curlformer.  An entire head can be curled in less than 30 minutes.

There is no right or wrong way to use Curlformers.  The options are endless ranging from creating beachy waves to a full head of well formed curls.

Curlformers can be applied from the roots to the ends or just along the perimeter of a hairstyle.  You can create a straight root with a curly or wavy perimeter or create ringlet curls which spiral directly from the roots to the ends.

Once the Curlformers have been hooked into the desired placement on the head, the hair can be air dried, blow dried or dried under a hood or bonnet style hairdryer.

Although the Curlformers are available in edgy, fun bright colors, I would never wear them outside the house.  Some people might be bold enough to venture outside with a head full of Curlformers but I don't think I will ever be one of those brave souls.

Curlformers have become popular with a wide range of people including naturally curly haired folks who want to reform or refine their curls.  Of course they are a huge hit with brides and Prom girls.

Bottom line the Curlformers are fun, easy to use, create lots of great curly results and are not damaging to delicate tresses.  Stop by the Curlformers website to learn more and please tell them their friends at sent you.  Happy curling.

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