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Hair Secrets Revealed When Ivanka Styled Ivana Trump

If you ever visited my house you might think you were visiting a library.  The reality is that I save every book, magazine and related hair article I ever read.  Once in awhile I go through my shelves to see what kind of hair, beauty or fashion related gems I can find.

Recently I discovered the September 2000 issue of Marie Claire Magazine.  In this particular issue I was fascinated to find an article featuring a brunette tressed Ivana Trump,  acting as a fashion stylist to her famous mother.

At the time of the article, about the celebrity mother and daughter team,  Ivana was preparing to attend Georgetown University as a freshman.  It's hard to believe it's been ten years since the beautiful and poised Ivanka was beginning her college days.

(Image of Ivana Trump in 2010 - All Rights Reserved - DC Media)

What was fascinating about unearthing this article was finding all the hair secrets revealed during the makeover shoot.  It was interesting looking back into time and catching the Trump girls having fun playing fashionista together.

From Sophisticated To Very Pretty And Very Very Simple

Besides have long brunette tresses Ivanka's goal with regard to styling her famous mom was simple.  Ivanka, known as Vachi to her mom, told Marie Claire "I'm going to make my mom look very pretty - and very, very simple."   Simple was definitely a new direction for the famously sophisticated blonde beauty known for her mile high French twists, fluffy blonde bouffant buns and high fashion looks.

In case you didn't know, or may have forgotten, Ivana originally got her signature glamazon French Twist signature hairstyle for a 1991 Vogue cover.   Even though Ivana confessed to Marie Claire she was more than willing to surrender her  upswept hairstyles, the public  didn't want her to change.

Big Bouffant Buns Were A Hair Curse

Ivana said whenever she appeared in public without her iconic updos "they go ballistic, like I'm a different person and its not what they expected.  They always want the (big) hair."  She noted her bouffant buns were "a curse."

(Ivana Trump with her hair in 2005 - All Rights Reserved)

One big secret revealed during the Marie Claire makeover was the fact that Ivana often had her daughter do her naturally hair for her rather than use a famous hairstylist.  The ex-Mrs. Trump confessed her blonde hair color came from a box of Clairol Nice 'n Easy.  In fact, her signature blonde hue was formula #99.   Ivana confessed that "I do the front" and Ivanka "takes the back.  It works out great."

For the Marie Claire shoot Ivanka decided her mom's hair needed to come down.  Celebrity hair stylist Christiaan convinced Ivana to let him "cut a teensy-weensy bit off the back to blend it with the front."  The stylist razored the ends creating "a softer, shaggier" look with a "downtown rocker look."  Ivana's take on the new wave infused natural shaggy down style?  "I look like a Yorkie."

Ivanka told Marie Claire while her mom was open to being styled by her daughter, but was "terrified of looking frumpy."    Even more importantly Ivana begged her equally famous daughter not to make her look "boring."

Lets To Die For

The regular cast member of Celebrity Apprentice star her mom has "legs to die for" and won't be caught dead in skirts that fall below the knee.  Ivana also shuns anything "brown or beige anything" and was quoted in the magazine as saying "I refuse to play any sports you can't do in stilettos."

When the makeover was complete Ivana looked sleek and elegant with her blonde tresses perfectly tousled, her make-up flawless and a gorgeous lip.  She wore a stunning black Ralph Lauren ensemble offset with a skinny cherry red belt and spectacular matching boots.

(Ivana in 2003 - All Rights Reserved - DC Media)

Ivana Ten Years Later

Although Ivana was 51 at the time of the makeover, the stunning fashionista still looks glamorous at 61.  Ironically she still favors her signature bouffant/twist updos.  Although I literally skimmed through hundreds of images of her from 2000 until the present time, she rarely is shown with her hair down, although it appears to have gotten a lot lighter blonde.

I guess Ivana's signature upswept hairstyles are here to stay for good.  I have to admit she looks great in her upswept hairstyles and keeps them updated and timely.

It's amazing to see how much both of the lives of the Trump ladies have changed. While Ivana has had two more famous marriages, her daughter Ivanka has become well-known to fans of the NBC Apprentice shows including the popular Celebrity Apprentice.  She also had a fairytale wedding to her own Prince Charming.

It's interesting to see how much Donald Trump Jr and Ivanka look like their famous parents back in the day.

(Image of The Donald with then wife Ivana before Ivana adopted the now famous iconic bouffant hairstyle - All Rights Reserved - DC Media)

If I could give Ivana or Ivanka a call I think the one thing I would ask them would be whether Ivanka still does her famous hair with Clairol Nice 'n Easy.  Clairol are you listening?  There has to be some sort of endorsement deal in there somewhere.  Right?

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