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Kyle Richards' Long Lush Brunette Hair

Kyle Richards' Long Lush Brunette Hair

Kyle Richards is currently one of the six women living large on Bravo/TV's Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Many people believe that the various Housewives shows are heavily scripted to maximize the drama.  If this is true, the producers of the current Beverly Hills edition of the Housewives franchise have done a spectacular job.

Kyle has become a fan favorite for a number of reasons.  She has long lush brunette hair which she has told the media is natural and not the result of hair extensions.  She also have a very hot looking husband (Mauricio Umansky) and they appear to have a very happy relationship.

Kyle and Mauricio have three daughters Alexia Sophia and Portia and a daughter Farrah from a previous relationship.

During a recent episode Kyle and Mauricio discussed having another child together.  Nothing final was decided although Mauricio seemed taken aback by Kyle's request to consider adding to the family.Besides having that long lush dark brunette hair which cascades in sleek panels down towards her waist Kyle obviously enjoys a prosperous lifestyle with the latest fashions, shoes and all the beauty products money can produce.  She is also from a famous family.  Her sister is Kathy Hilton, mom to Paris and Nicky.

While I have never personally talked to Kyle or her hairstylist and can believe her gorgeous hair is 100% her own, I suspect she might amp it up for special occasions with temporary clip-in extensions.  During scenes where Kyle is shown in a casual setting her dark chocolate hair is usually worn straight and down and appears to be medium thick.

For special occasions like the trip to Las Vegas and the appearance at Kelsey Grammer's Broadway play her hair instantly transformed.  They appeared much thicker and longer than normal.  That type of long hair transformation could easily occur with clip-in hair extensions which would not impact the natural length or health of the hair but give it oomph.

I'm not questioning whether Kyle's long hair is natural or not.  I think her hair is gorgeous.  However, her own niece, Paris Hilton had her own line of clip-in extensions so I would not be surprised to hear Kyle has utilized clip-ins to amp up her own natural strands.  If she isn't wearing clip-ins she might be getting all that volume with products and styling.  Either way, there is no question about how beautiful her hair is.

How To Copy Kyle's Long Lush Brunette Hair:

If your hair is shoulder length or longer you can pair your favorite volumizing styling products with hot styling tools for a super shiny, lush volume infused hairstyle just like Kyle showed off on the recent Housewives Of Beverly Hills trip to New York which is sexy, frizz free and humidity resistant.

1. Cleanse hair following your normal routine (Conditioner Only, Water Only, Diluted Shampoo, Undiluted Shampoo) with lukewarm water.

Keep in mind that long beautiful and healthy hair requires extra special tender loving care (TLC) and many long haired beauties use only the best products on their strands.

2. Apply a rinse out conditioner, if needed, to middle and ends only to avoid flattening out the roots.

3. Finish with a cool/cold final water rinse to close the cuticle and add instant shine.

4. Towel blot to remove moisture.  Do not rub since this can break delicate tresses.

5. Apply desired detangling formula and use fingers or wide tooth comb to detangle from the ends up to the roots. Create desired part.  If you prefer, you can detangle in the shower.

6. Once tresses are completely untangled, apply a volume enhancing spray to roots to amp up volume.

7. Smooth a styling cocktail with a volume enhancing mousse or similar from the ears down to the ends.

8. Separate into 6-8 sections and work on one section at a time.

9. Use a medium sized round boar's bristle brush and a blow dryer with a concentrator attachment to dry each section. Direct the air up from the ends towards the roots for the most volume.

10. After each section is 100% dry roll around a large curler or your fingers and pin against the scalp.

11. Once all of the hair is completely dry and cool unpin all the rollers or sections.

12. Use a brush or your fingers to arrange the curls into loose volume infused strands.

13. Touch up individual sections with a hot curling iron.

14. Finish with a spritz of hair spray and/or a swipe of shine serum.

Alternatively if you want to go with less fullness you can use a flat iron to add sleek straightness throughout.

If you want to really amp up the strands without long term damage you can add a few well-placed clip-in extensions to the overall look.  This will add natural fullness through the middle and the ends.

Dress up your shimmering hairstyle with a sparkly hair clip or gorgeous headband. The options for a spectacular hairstyle are endless.

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