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Reality Steve's Softer Side: Emily's Smile Boxes

Although I've been following Reality Steve's Blog since it first appeared, I actually had my first chat with the very entertaining man behind a spectacular job of reality reporting two years ago.

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If you read Reality Steve's epiphanies you already know he's passionate about his subject and loves to poke fun of the various shows and contestants.

His best work, however, is directed at the Bachelor/ette franchise which also includes the newly added Bachelor Pad.  There are many reasons why Steve beams his spotlight on the Bachelor and those who are Steve's fans believe he is completely justified.

Reality Steve Is A Thorn In The Bachelor/ette's Side

Of course all the powers to be at the Bachelor/ette Production Company give lip service to their disdain for Steve and the fact he started publishing spoilers during the Bachelor Jason season.  At the time Steve posted his outrage at the way Melissa Rycroft and Jason were being manipulated and played to create good reality TV.

Steve is the perpetual thorn in the Bachelor/ette camp's side.  Host Chris Harrison has spoken out publicly against Steve and mysteriously the reality show blogger's scheduled appearance on an E special was canceled with no explanation.

As the folks in the Bachelor/ette camp fight to silence Steve his sources multiple and he gets his spoilers earlier and earlier.

While some people may not take kindly to Steve's spoilers or his cutting wit and sarcasm, his RealitySteve blog, Twitter and Facebook posts do not highlight the softer side of Mr. Reality Steve.

Reality Steve And Emily's Smile Boxes

In our most recent interview update Steve talked to me about a Dallas charity that had touched his heart in a major way.  I was mesmerized as he explained how he met Emily of Emily's Smile Boxes.  Steve explained that Emily is a little girl who has spent much of her life in hospitals with her family and her little brother Jude who had suffered a tragic stroke while still in the womb.

Emily's brother and her family have spent a lot of time in hospitals.  During these extended visits  Emily found hospitals to be scary and boring.  Not one to just sit around and complain, the little girl from a Dallas suburb decided to do something about the situation.  She founded Emily's Smile Boxes.

The man who can be hilariously sarcastic when describing ridiculous reality plots and contestants has dedicated himself to helping Emily and her family promote Emily's touching and worthwhile charity.

Steve personally attends Emily's box making parties where volunteers help Emily and her family build the boxes that bring such joy to frightened children around the country.  He also actively promotes the charity and helps to raise money by publicizing Emily's altruistic goals.

I was so touched when Steve encouraged me to check out Emily's website and even to contact Emily or her mother if I wanted more detailed information.  Although I have always been a fan of Steve the reality show reporter, I had a new respect for Steve and his big heart.

Emily Wants To Spread Smiles To Children

Steven told me Emily started hand making her Smile Boxes filled with toys and gifts to take to the hospitals and give to other children and their siblings with the ultimate goal to put a smile on their face and help them through a difficult time.  It costs approximately $1,000 to make 100 boxes stuffed full with game cards, stuffed animals, crayons and puzzles.

In interview with the media Emily has explained she makes the Smile Boxes “because I’ve been through all of this stuff, and I know how sad it is and how worried you are when you get there. It’s just scary".   Since she made her first set of boxes her charity has grown from modest beginnings.  Although Emily makes her Smile Boxes in her home, she ships them to hospitals around the country.

Emily's goal?  To never stop making boxes until every child stuck inside a hospital has a smile box in their hands and a smile on their faces.

Spread Emily's Word

After listening to Steve talk about how he met Emily and her charity to help frightened, lonely and bored children stuck in hospitals I decided to do more research on Emily.  Her story is truly inspiring and touching.

I know how scary hospitals can be.  When my late husband Michael was battling heart disease before he eventually succumbed I spent many days in hospitals waiting while he was in surgery or having treatments or being visited by specialists.  I was often very frightened and I was an adult.  I can only imagine how a child must feel.  Especially if their parents or siblings are the patients.

If you are interested in learning more about Emily and her Smile Boxes please stop by her website at  You can also email Emily at the address listed on her site for more details about Emily's Smile Boxes.  Donations are accepted through the site via Paypal.

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