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Scarlett Johansson Hair Skit

Introduction - Scarlett Johansson Hair Skit

Scarlett Johannsson As Patti Stanger Scarlett Johansson As Patti Stanger

On November 13, 2010 Saturday Night Life (SNL) was the setting for the ultimate Scarlett Johansson hair skit.

The normally blonde and beautiful Scarlett received star treatment on NBC as the hostess of the popular TV show.  The beautiful star recently finished a co-starring role in Iron Man 2 and has been making movies non-stop.

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The actress knocked her hosting duties out of the park on SNL as the Scarlett Johansson hair skit was in play.  Although Scarlett hosted the show, the musical guest was Arcade Fire who is hot off their successful release of their latest album.

In one key Scarlett Johansson hair skit the normally blonde action star appeared as Bravo/TV's raven haired Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger.

Although Scarlett was a ringer for the outspoken Stanger, the audience response was lukewarm.   Unfortunately the audience seemed less familiar with the loudmouth Bravo dating guru.

Scarlett Johansson Hair Skit Scarlett Johansson Hair Skit on SNL in 2010

The Scarlett Johansson hair skit was amped up with the image of the star styled as a chocolate brunette pregnant teen wearing an ornate hair tiara for the Maternity Television segment.

This skit made fun of MTV and all their pregnancy reality shows like 16 and Pregnant as well as I'm Snooki and Pregnant.

Scarlett Johansson Hair Skit For Stars Of Tomorrow

SNL's audience responded with a lot more enthusiasm to the Stars of Tomorrow skit then the earlier Patti Stanger piece.  The Scarlett Johansson hair skit for Stars showcased the actress as a long blonde which was loosely based around a TLC show featuring child performers.

Scarlett and Vanessa Bayer acted as kids performing scenes from plays and movies which appeared to be way too adult for them.

Fred Armisen was in the spotlight in The Manuel Ortiz Show segment where he spoke pidgin-Spanish and was a frenetic dancing demon.  Scarlett was part of the skit, but was overshadowed by the wild Armisen.

Blonde Scarlett Johansson Hair Skit

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett Johansson

The St. Katherine's Middle School segment featured a blonde Scarlett Johansson hair skit.  The segment consisted mostly of various performers gathered around the wheelchair bound Marvin (Kenan Thompson).

The segment was built around Marvin constantly getting dumped out of his wheelchair.   Once Marvin got dumped out of the wheelchair he yelled a lot while laying on the floor.

The audience seemed to be uncomfortable with this sketch which involved Scarlett.

Summary - Scarlett Johansson Hair Skit

Although the actress looked breathtakingly beautiful in every episode and Scarlett Johansson hair skit, some of the various segments were not as funny as others.  Scarlett was enthusiastic and obviously completely committed to being a stellar hostess.

Unfortunately she had to work within the bounds of the SNL writing which may not have been the very best it could be.

Or possibly the writing didn't play up Scarlett's talents as much as it could.  It's hard to know.  However, Scarlett's hair was gorgeous.

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