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Michael Grim Of America's Got Talent Proposes To Lucie On Ellen

Singer-guitarist Michael Grim had a very big week.  First he won 1 million dollars as the winner of America's Got Talent, then he appeared as a special performing guest on Ellen's show where he proposed to his longtime girlfriend on the show, and she accepted.

(Image of Michael Grim and girlfriend Lucie -  Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC -All Rights Reserved)

The curly haired 30 year old talent from Mississippi is famous for his fedora and laid back style.  He was a fan favorite on AGT show. Ellen pointed out that it's been an emotional journey for Michael.  He agreed "without a doubt.  I had no clue I was gonna make it from episode to episode and I was just blessed that I got to the finale."

Although Michael "auditioned last year (2009) and didn't make it (to the judges)."  Ellen said "look at that, look what can happen." Afterall, he didn't get very far last year but won this year.  Ellen pointed out "and you had very tough competition." Michael agreed "yeah, it was very tough.  This was one of the toughest years from what the show was telling me."  Ellen agreed "it seemed like it for me."

Michael had told the judges he wanted to win the competition to help his grandmother who had lost everything she owned in Hurricane Katrina and was forced to live in a little trailer.  He said he wanted to help her buy a home and get her into a better situation.

Ellen asked Michael if he called his grandmother after he won.  He said he did and "she was crying"  if she felt anything like I did last night when I won this I was feeling she was going to be in the hospital."  Apparently his heart was just in his mouth.

Ellen said "your face was just priceless and you took your hat off and just started grabbing your hair and it just liked you didn't know what to do with it."  Michael agreed "yeah, it was just slowly sinking in. It still hasn't sunk in."  He mentioned how he couldn't believe he was on Ellen's show.

On America's Got Talent Michael sang When A Man Loves A Woman.  Ellen asked who Michael sang that for and he said "for my Lucie, for my girl, yes."  Ellen announced that Lucie, Michael's girlfriend was in the audience and the camera's showed the beautiful redheaded girlfriend of Michael.

Ellen asked what Michael what he was going to do with the million dollars he won.  He said "well I really never thought it out too much other than to get my grandparents into a better situation.  They lost everything in Hurricane Katrina along with so many people down there in New Orleans.  I wanna get them out of the trailer they're currently in and put them into a house, it was their house they lost in the storm" (a photo of their former house was shown on the screen.  The house was just a pile of wood).

Michael said "I'm gonna get them a house, build it from the ground up, especially for them."

The singer has a very special connection to his grandparents and calls his grandmother "his hero" because she stepped in and saved him and his sister from the welfare system when they were children and in danger of having no home.

Gets Down On One Knee

After performing  You Don't Know Me by Ray Charles on Ellen's show Michael's girlfriend Lucie came up on stage.  Michael said he and Lucie had been together almost three years and she was "his rock".

She was by his side while he tried to make it in the world of music and during his time on America's Got Talent.  Michael said "I've got to hand it to her, it takes a strong woman to deal with this business."  Ellen said "yeah, because its a lot of travel."

Lucie said "this has been an incredible journey and I'm so proud of him.  I'm so happy for him, he deserves this."  Ellen said "this is a whole new kind of life happening for him."  Lucie agreed "absolutely, overnight."  Michael said "she's been there for me and once you find that good women you hang on to em."

Micheael grabbed Lucie's hand and pulled her up out of her seat.  He pulled a ring out of his back pocket and got down on one knee.  He said "will you be my wife, will you marry me?"  She shook her head yes and put her hands to her face and they kissed for awhile.  Then Michael put the ring on her finger."  Lucie said "he gave me a ring already."  Michael looked at the ring and said "beautiful."

It was definitely a tear jerker for the audience.  Ellen seemed very touched.  What a way to end a show.  Right?

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