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Naturally Curly Guy Ari Stidham Has Huge Talent

Naturally curly guy Ari Stidham is fabulous on ABC Family's Huge as the misunderstood, but big hearted musician.

(Image of Ari Stidham as Ian on Huge - Courtesy Of ABC Family - All Rights Reserved)

It's heart wrenching to watch the curl infused Ian interact with Willamina known as Will (Nikki Blonsky).  All of the show's viewers, and a few of the campers, know Will has a super secret crush on Ian while he's busy pinning away for beautiful blonde Amber (Hayley Hasselhoff).

Yes, of course, Amber has a secret thing with camp counselor George (Zander Eckhouse).  In fact, Amber and George have stolen some moments alone out of the view of the other campers to kiss, cuddle and lightly fondle each other.

Unfortunately Will caught them in one of their make-out sessions and has confronted Amber about it.  Since Amber is not yet 17, George could be in big trouble if it gets out that he has been kissing the pretty blonde camper. 

The current question is whether Will will blow the whistle on Amber getting her kicked out of camp and giving her a better chance to win Ian's affections.  Of course George probably will lose his job, but the big win for Will is getting rid of Amber.

(Image of Will and Ian writing songs together - Huge - ABC Family - All Rights Reserved)

Meanwhile Ian is clueless about Amber's secret relationship with George and believes she's completely unattached.

Ian and Will have bonded over music and have written songs together.  Actor Ari Stidham is brilliant as the overweight outcast who has to deal with a head full of ringlets, glasses and social awkwardness.

It's obvious that Ari feels very comfortable with Will, who also has a head of blue and purple infused natural curls.  The two have become friends and very intimate with each other but not in the way that Will would like their relationship to be.

Ari Stidham has been acting for years but has been flying under the radar until his role as Ian on Huge.  I have to say he is one of my favorite male campers because of his ability to show such a vulnerability.

He channels his frustration with being overweight, having unruly hair, thick glasses and skin blemishes into playing music.  If only he could stop mooning over Amber to see the potential for a beautiful connection with Will.

I have to say I am so impressed with ABC Family and their various series.  During a recent long bout of bronchitis I was required to rest and not work.

Although I managed to sneak my notebook into my bed for short bursts of writing, most of the time I was forced to seriously rest.  I got very addicted to Huge and Pretty Little Liars to name just a few of the great ABC shows I watched.

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