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How To Style Easy Chic Chignon

Just like every fashionistia has a Little Black Dress (LBD) for special occasions, they need a sleek chic easy chignon to wear with that LBD.  Twisting your hair into a chic sleek chignon is always a great option.

Although the name chignon sounds fancy it really just a type of hair bun which rests at the nape of the neck.  Unlike the tight librarian bun, the chignon is softer, fuller and has a looped look to it.  It is a favorite of brides and celebrities alike.  It is also popular for Prom, Homecoming and similar dressy hair events.

A chignon can be smooth, lustrous and stunning, but very easy to style at home.

(Image of Anne Hathaway wearing sleek chic easy chignon - - All Rights Reserved)

Follow the easy styling tips below to create a sleek and chic pulled back chignon:

1.  Cleanse your hair with your normal products and in your normal manner.

2.  If your hair is naturally wavy, curly or kinky you will need to blow dry straight to re-create the sleek chignon style.

3.  After hair is cleansed and 100% dry create your desired part.   Consider a soft side part rather than a center part to create a more sensuous and elegant look.

4.  Apply a light hair cream, pomade, paste or texturizer to smooth hair along the part.

5.  Using fingers and/or a brush pull into a low, tight ponytail using a Blax or Bungee elastic in the same color as your current hair.

6.  Pull the end of the pony clockwise up and around the pony base.  Smooth hair as it's wrapped. Continue wrapping until you have used up all the hair.

(Image of Anne Hathaway wearing sleek chic easy chignon - - All Rights Reserved)

Use your fingers to gently arrange the bun into the desired profile.  You can make the bun tighter or looser according to your desired look.   For a more dimensional chignon twist the entire ponytail before wrapping it around the base.

Remember the tighter the bun the closer you get to the librarian look.  Keep it loose and sexy.

7.  Pin the chignon tightly into place against your scalp using bobby pins or chignon pins the same color as your hair.  Be sure to smooth flyaway strands and wrap them back into the bun.

8.  Mist with a flexible holding hairspray.

9.  To dress up the chignon slide a crystal headband a few inches back from the hairline.


This chignon looks polished, smooth, sleek and glossy.  You can pull it tighter for a well-groomed and neatly tailored look or wear it looser for a more deconstructed look.  It has a look of silken tresses interwoven into a satiny wrapped hairstyle.

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