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Ray Liotta Shows His Hilarious Side On Bonnie Hunt

Actor Ray Liotta was recently a guest on The Bonnie Hunt Show.  The actor, who is best known for his roles in A Field Of Dreams and Goodfellas was very entertaining and funny.

Who knew that the normally serious man was so hilarious?  Ray and Bonnie had a good connection, which always makes interviews even better.  The two laughed, cut up and threw jokes at each other throughout the entire segment.  Ray was Bonnie's first show guest and she devoted the most time to his segment.

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie Gave Ray Liotta Olive Oil

Ray greeted the audience by saying "you're good" because of all the applause.  Then he greeted Bonnie by saying "you know, I've done a lot of these shows before.  But I've never gotten as a gift...olive oil.  What's that about?"

Bonnie said "that's because I think nobody ever remembers to buy olive oil.  But all of a sudden you're at home and you think 'I don't have any olive oil.'  So I thought that was a great gift."

Ray laughed, shrugged his shoulders and said "I like it.   I do, it's great."  Bonnie "did you take it personally because you're Italian?"  Ray said "No, no, noooo."  Bonnie "I'll give him some olive oil, that'll make him happy."  Ray "I didn't even think of that. No."

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Then Ray changed the subject to ask about one of The Bonnie Hunt Show's crew's dog named Bella.  Bonnie explained that Bella was a rescue dog.   She explained to Ray that they do dog adoptions once a week.  Bonnie pointed to Chris who brought Bella home and rescued her.

Ray told Bonnie that Bella is "soft, like olive oil" which was his way of teasing Bonnie about the gift in his dressing room.  It was a well timed pun for sure.

Is Ray The Target Of Other Tough Guys?

Bonnie asked Ray where he was from and he said "Jersey" and Bonnie said "the thing people don't realize is that you are very different from the characters you play.  When they see you they think 'oh it's Ray Liotta playing himself.'  You're really a great actor because you're not really a fighting kind of guy or instigator."  Ray agreed "I've never been in a fight.  Ever!"

The actor paused and then retracted his statement "no, no, noooooo.  Well once with Jeff Roth.  It was in 7th grade at the beginning of school.  There were different grammar schools and I think we fought over who we thought was coming from the better grammar school.

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

So we had a fight and it was supposed to take place at the path but then noooo, we couldn't go to the path so we went down to the greenhouse and it was a fight.  Two man.  And yes I won."

Just The Fun Facts About Michael Jackson

Ray changed the topic to talk about using Michael Jackson songs.  Ray asked Bonnie "how much would it cost to use their (Jacksons) songs?"  Bonnie said "No, the first song was a Jackson song.  And now all of Michael's stuff, is in limbo and you can't get it, legally, for...."  Ray "you can't even get Happy Birthday.  I think he owns that too.  Yeah."

Bonnie "That's a tough one.  He does, he does own Happy Birthday.  You're right. How do you know that?"

Ray "just fun facts" and he laughed.  Bonnie asked "did you want to be an actor?  Did you want to go into comedy?  Because I know people who know you and they say you're really funny.  And obviously you are.

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Ray "Yeah....."  Bonnie "No, when you were growing up."  Ray gave Bonnie a big smile and said "that was timing."

How Ray Liotta Got Into Acting

Ray "No, no, I had no idea what I wanted to do.  It came time to go to college, I was an OK student, Cs,  I was more into sports.  I took my college boards.  I walked out.  Yeah, yeah.  My dad said go to college, take whatever you want, do whatever you want.  Soooo?

Ray continued "It's a better school now but I got into the University of Miami because all you need is a pulse to get in there.   And then I was going to take Liberal Arts classes, but within the Liberal Arts classes you had to take some math, some history. So I said 'no, I don't want to do that' and right next to it was the drama department.  Theater major.  So I just stepped over and said I would be a theater major."

Bonnie laughed and there was a pause and Ray said "that's not worth a pause."  Ray continued "so anyway, that's how it happened.  I just didn't want to do it (college),  but I had a class in high school that was fun and I just figured I'd have fun for a year."

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie said "we found your resume (acting).  You took some time putting this together." She showed his portfolio with all his early photos from when he was just starting out.

Ray And Bonnie's Conclave Chests

Ray "noo, noo, noo.  Actually, that's the girl that kinda got me into theater.   When I was in line... Then he pointed to his photo and said 'look at my chest it was concave'.  Bonnie laughed and said "so is mine."

Ray continued about how he met a girl at the university and she was "in line for registration and she said 'are you going out for the play tonight?' and I said 'no.  What are you doing this for?'"

Ray explained "so I went out for the play and had to tell a sad story about a dog I had that got hit by a car.  Sad story, there you good.  So I got the callback.  So then I had to sing and dance.  So she helped me with that.  So anyhow I did that.  And I had to dance and.  Remember the Freddie (and he demonstrated).  The Freddie.  You don't know the Freddie.  well, you just go up and down. So that was my dance and I forgot the words to the song that I was supposed to do.  So I did the Freddie and I sang the refrain 'we got magic to do, we got magic to do."

Bonnie "Ray do you ever see that girl again?  Where is she?"  Ray "I heard she's here."  Bonnie "today?"

Ray Liotta's Acting Resume

Bonnie kept looking at Ray's portfolio and said "you're pretty darn cute, you're even better looking now. This was your Aztec period?  Is this your Albuquerque, New Mexico period?

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Ray "I was 17 or 18."

Bonnie "gosh, and you were so good as Frank Sinatra.  I know that was awhile ago but. I really am a huge fan.  You and Joe.  Joe Montagna is a great buddy of ours, he was here.  One of the greatest.  I love him so much. A bobcat in the fact, talk about fun facts."

Ray "ohhhhh"  Bonnie "talk about fun facts."

Ray Liotta Is A Mint Condition Tony Curtis

Bonnie said to Ray "You know it's interesting, I'm just bringing this back up because we talked about this in the first segment.  You play a lot of tough guys.  Does it ever come into real life where you're out and somebody thinks they're going to egg you on a little bit.  Or are they afraid of you?" Ray "Nooo, not really."

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie "You're like a mint condition Tony Curtis."  Ray laughed and said "a mint condition?"  Bonnie "well I've never been this close to you."  Ray "actually Jamie Lee (Curtis) told me that."  Bonnie "Really?"  Yeah,  when I did Dominick and Eugene with her. I was nice in that.

Bonnie "You were nice in that.  You've been nice in a lot of movies.  You're a good actor. You're good enough that when I first see you I think I'm gonna get a little smack.  You know what I mean?"  Ray gave Bonnie a scary look and said "I've got your smack."  Bonnie "Preview of a coming attraction."

Bonnie continued but "you're like fearful of that stuff in real life.  Like your worried?"  Ray "Me, me?  Yeah, who wants to be in a fight?  Yeah."

Ray Liotta Worked In A Cemetery

Bonnie said  "I mean nobody wants to be in a fight.  But Stephanie, our producer, said something about, Ray's afraid to die."

Ray had an obvious reaction and said "who isn't afraid to die.  I used to work in the cemetery.  I worked in the cemetery."

Bonnie "What was your job in the cemetery?"  Ray said to Bonnie's producer who was talking off camera and urging him to talk about his job in the cemetery "was that a lead in?"  Bonnie said "Who's show is this?  I think I'm getting a love connection here (referring to Ray and her producer). Ray "I was talking." Bonnie said "you and Stephanie." Stephanie "stop it."

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Ray said "I know."  He continued to talk to Stephanie and said to Bonnie "she's got her real bracelet over the tattoo.  I don't understand."  Stephanie said "it was a Christmas gift.  Everybody on the set got these."  Bonnie "I didn't give those.  Ray "what do you want to know?"  Bonnie "I want to know about early jobs.  The cemetery?"

Ray "Yes. I cut the grass and stuff.  And I set up funerals and the chairs and everything that happens."  Bonnie "So you were a young guy when you were doing that.  And you were thinking about death more than the average person."  Ray "I was a young guy in college.  Yeah, yeah but no.  I've always (thought about death)."

Bonnie Hunt Was Afraid To Kiss Because Of Dead Relatives Watching Her

Bonnie said "well do you think you might need some help for this character?" Ray "I was Catholic.  I was brought up Catholic."

Bonnie "Catholic, yeah, I understand."  Ray "You get that."  Bonnie "No, I know.  I was afraid to kiss somebody because I thought my dead relatives were watching me.  That's what my mother told me."  Ray "We can go off on that one."

(Image of Ray Liotta from DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie "What other jobs did you have besides the cemetery?  How did you support yourself as an actor.  When you said you wanted to be an actor,  you must have had other jobs.  Nobody just starts working right away."

Ray Liotta Got An Acting Job On Third Day In New York

Ray "Actually I did.  No, I got a commercial the 3rd day I was in New York.  It was this thing, Love Songs of The Fifties (KTel Records) And so I'm just walking in the park with the girl.  It wasn't like a moving commercial.  And they played the love songs.  But I don't think it ever ran.  Actually it was in Chicago."

Ray Liotta Doesn't Love Chicago

Bonnie "Awww don't you love Chicago?  Ray "No, I've never been there.  But that's where it played.  What?  I've like, never.  Once. It was nice."

Bonnie "Was your dad thrilled when you started working when you were on the KTel Spot or did he have to travel to Chicago to see most of your work?"

Ray "Yeah, I'm sure he was kinda happy.  Yeah.  The 3rd day.  Then I got a soap opera.  Within six months. A soap opera."

(Ray Liotta with Seth Rogan in Serve And Protect - All Rights Reserved)

Ray Liotta On Another World With Big Hair

Bonnie "You were on Another World.  We got a clip of it. Do you mind if I?  Can we see the clip?  Do we have a clip?  Of Another World.A lot of your stuff is really expensive."


Bonnie played the clip "ohhhhhhhh look at the hair.  That's an hour in the blow dry."  Ray's hair was big and puffed up.  The clip played for a long time.

Bonnie said "How long is this clip?"  Ray "Exactly. It's horrible, it's not even a good clip."

Bonnie said "Well don't worry, our show only appears in Chicago."  Ray burst out laughing at Bonnie's ribbing about Chicago.

Ray Liotta As Joey Perrini

Bonnie "We'll cut it, I'll make it shorter." Ray said "Now in the soap I played the nicest guy in the world. Joey Perrini.  I never got in a fight.  Took care of my mom.  Married.  I proposed to my girlfriend on a hill.  She died after I gave her a St. Christopher medal in the hospital.  I end up going to the top of the hill where we propose, I fell, ended up in the hospital.  And ended up falling in love with a nurse who was the richest woman in America.  But I got an annulment because she didn''t tell me she was the richest woman in America."

(Image of Ray Liotta and wife - - All Rights Reserved)

Bonnie "Yeah, but what happened on the soap opera."

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