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Britney Haynes Of Big Brother 12 Is No Dumb Blonde

Britney Haynes On Big Brother 12Britney Haynes Of Big Brother 12 Is No Dumb Blonde

In Big Brother (BB) Reality Land I could be classified as a super fan since I have watched all of the past BB seasons and literally watch the Live Feeds on a constant basis, except when I'm sleeping.  I'm also present on the Live Feed Chat lines where I catch up with what's happening when I am away from the feeds.

I've met some awesome people on the BB feeds and it's interesting to hear their opinions on the house guests and what they're up to.

One of the new house guests who is already generating a lot of talk is 22 year old bubbly blonde Britney Haynes.

From a small town in Arkansas, at first glance you might think she's this season's version of Jordan.  Don't be fooled.  Although her laugh reminds me of Jordan, she not like Season 11's winner in any way other than having long blonde hair, being close to her mom and having a definite Southern style accent.

That's where the similarities to Jordan end.  Britney is no dumb blonde.  She's an intelligent college graduate employed as a hotel sales manager.

Cast of Big Brother 12A showmance is probably not in the cards for this enigmatic house guest since she's happily engaged and has said her finance is totally supporting her winning a spot in the BB house.

As Britney said in the LiveFeed Pre-Show Interviews, her fiance is her "number one fan out there."  Britney said she knows "he's behind her the whole way".

So Much More Than Meets The Eye

Britney acknowledged she looks like "a typical blonde from The South.  However,  she has also stated she "doesn't fit into the dumb blonde stereotype".  She says she's "so much more than meets the eye" and has "a personality you don't expect."

Although people expect her to be "sweet, little quiet blonde girl" or the "dumb blonde, without a lot of substance." She has "a lot of spice to her personality" and is somewhat dry but definitely "very sarcastic all of the time."

Britney noted "she's overly observant" and says "things that are completely politically correct."  She promises she "has no filter."  She also "likes to be in control in every situation" and is "very loud, very commanding and will say the most offensive things".

Britney Haynes Of Big Brother 12She's admitted she "argumentative" but she's "going to try and downplay it".  She's going to try and reign that part of her personality in and not be so controlling all the time and so aggressive.

She also admits to being opinionated, but plans to keep her strong opinions to herself, only voicing them in the Diary Room.

Britney's Strategy

Her strategy?  To keep her strong opinions to herself because she never wants to be the focus.  Brittany doesn't want to fade into the background, but she doesn't want to be the focus either.  She doesn't always have to call all the shots.

Super Big Brother Fan

Britney has confessed to watching Big Brother since the very first season when she was "very young, maybe 14 years old."  Her two favorite BB house guests were Janelle and Dr. Will."  Why?  There were all all time favorites because "they were funny, they would crack her up all the time."

Her favorite Big Brother Season was the All Stars season because they brought back a lot of her Big Brother favorites and she got to watch them all over again, which she enjoyed.

Britney Haynes With Cast Of Big Brother 12Her Confidence In Winning

Britney said she always felt she would get on Big Brother and that she would win.  She auditioned by going to an open call and then sending in a video.  She explained she was so confident she would be on the show, even though she was going to Europe, she quickly put together her video and didn't worry about it.

She knew she would be picked as a House Guest and knows she will win the whole thing.

What Britney Will Do With The Big Brother Winnings

Ultimately she doesn't plan to spend the money she wins in any lavish ways.  She has expressed her desired to achieve "total financial independence."

She noted that ever since she graduated from college in December 2008 she has struggled, like so many, in the struggling economy.  At times she's had to go to her parents for assistance and wants that to completely end.  She hates doing that because "she's very independent"

Britney has said she feels "like she's old enough," at the age she's at (almost 23 years old) to be on her own and not have to ask her parents for financial help.  She also explained she will save her winnings because she's "a saver."

Giving To Charity

Inside Big Brother HouseEven though Britney plans to save her winnings from Big Brother, she also plans to give to charity.

Which ones?  She said "there are a couple of causes she's partial to."  One of her all time favorites is "Reading Is Fundamental."  She's been involved with this worthy cause "since she's been 14 years old."  In fact, she also was involved with Reading Is Fundamental in college through her sorority.

Besides promoting reading, she's committed to help promote interest in autism. She has a younger brother who is autistic and believes the general public doesn't understand autism and she supports autism awareness programs.

Guilty Pleasures

Britney admits to enjoying "gossiping with the gays."  She's been blessed "with amazing amazing friends, Chris and Josh, love you."  Britney loves gossiping because they're "so hysterical, just the things that they say."  Hanging out with and gossiping with her homosexual male friends is one of her pleasures because they're "so hysterical, just the things that they say."

She noted "anytime you go anywhere with them (her gay friends) they make it so fun."  Britney said her favorite thing is to enjoy a great laugh and she likes people who make her laugh.

Super Complicated Family

Big Brother 12 CastBritney said she has a super complicated family.  Her family is a "tangled web" because her mother and father are divorced.  Both have remarried and there are step children in the equation.

However, when it comes to her participation in Big Brother 12, her family is "super excited."  Her whole family is rooting her own.

Britney and her mom have been watching it since the first season.  Consequently her mom is super excited to see her daughter now on the show.

Biggest Concerns About Big Brother

Her biggest concern with Big Brother is "sharing a bathroom."  She can do it and has done it when she lived in a sorority house with two bathrooms and 94 women, but she would rather have her own.  One of her motivating factors for winning Head of Household (HoH) is so she can get her own bathroom.

She's not too concerned about the boredom because she likes to "cook and clean" as well as bake.  She cleans "when she's bored" and also will probably be cooking and baking.

Will She Throw A Competition?

Inside Big Brother HouseBritney says she is really a competitor and doesn't see the benefit, any time, in throwing a competition.  She believes it doesn't benefit anyone.  She could do it if she had to, but doesn't really see that it helps in any way.

Bird Phobia

Britney gets very stressed out talking about birds.  She has a medical condition p and phobia around birds.  It throws her into a panic just talking about them.  The beautiful blonde can't remember a time in her life where she's not been afraid of birds.

It's not like something strange happened with birds.  It's more that she was born with a medical condition which makes her deathly afraid of them.  She compared her fear of birds to Howie Mandel's fear of germs.

Favorite Motto

Her favorite motto?  "Never regret anything that makes you smile."  She thinks it's a cute little motto.  Here's hoping Britney smiles a lot on Big Brother 12.

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