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Hairstyling Makeover - From Bobalicious To Curlalicious Or Somewhere In Between

One of the most common AskKaren emails I receive at is about styling techniques.

Many times right after you leave the salon your hair will look amazing.  However, in a matter of hours or days you will be left with a new haircut or style and have no idea how to work with it.

(Image of a sleek and shiny mid-length bob hairstyle - courtesy of Pureology - From the CustomFit PureExpression Collection - All Rights Reserved)

Avoiding Post-Salon Hair Style Crashing

The best way to avoid post-salon cut or styling crashing is to ask your hairdresser while you are still in the salon for tips on how to recreate your new style at home.  You might also ask for suggestions on how to amp up your base style to create different looks.

If your forget to chat with your stylist or still need additional styling inspiration consider the following hairstyle makeover tips:

1.  Change the texture - This is the easiest way to amp up any hairstyle.  In the case of the example sleek bob you can instantly change the look by wearing it with waves and curls to give a completely different look.  The ways to add curls range from wet sets with pin curls or self-adhesive rollers to electric rollers or curling irons. 

2.   Adjust the volume - Adding strategically placed volume throughout the sides or the crown can instantly alter a hairstyle.  If your hair is normally full of volume, consider wearing it slicked back or much sleeker than normal.

3.   Focus on a new focal point - TV personality - Snookie Polizzi - knows how to change up her hairstyles, but adding or subtracting her now-famous poufs.  Hair bumps adding behind the hairline, at the crown or in-between will change the focal point of your style.  Try it, you might likt it.

4.  Play with the part - Although it seems trivial, it can make a big difference.  The options including changing your existing part or adding or eliminating a part.  It's amazing how much a part can change up the way a hairstyle looks.

5.  Frame it differently with a fringe - If you don't currently have bangs, adding them can totally change a hairstyle.  If you do have them, consider framing your face differently by going with side-swept versus a blunt full-fringe.  Or play with the thickness of the bang.  Wispy bangs look completely different than thicker bangs.

6.  Do the tuck - Tucking one of both sides of your hair behind your ears can add a different flavor to any hairstyle. 

7.  Add some eye candy - On the season finale of Glee all the female members of the club wore matching headbands.  It was amazing how much it altered their individual hairstyles.  If headbands aren't your thing, play with a range of hair clips, barrettes or decorative bobby pins place in a wide range of positions around your hairline.

8.  Extend your self - Change the length by clipping in a pony or add a complete weft of hair like Twilight's Kristen Stewart did to create your own custom ponytail.

9.  Twist, braid or loop a strand - The girls from MTV's The Hills are pros at adding well-placed braids, twists or hair loops.  Remember that less is more.

10.  Fool the eye - Even if your own hair is not long enough to create a pony, twist or bun, you can do what many celebs have done and tuck the ends of your hair up and pin them in back.  This gives the illusion of a new haircut.  You can also clip on a pony and wrap it into your own version of a twist.

11.  Splash on some color - Whether you opt for just a few highlights or lowlights, color can instantly alter a hairstyle.  If you don't want to go with the chemical versions, opt for a few add-on hair extensions in contrasting or complementary hues.

12.  Play with your tresses - some of my best hairstyle inspirations have come when I'm playing with my hair.  When you remove all the pressure from your styling session you may be surprised at the fun and creative new styles your come up with.

13.  Experiment with new products - Changing up your mousse, hair glaze or volumizing formulas can instantly alter your hairstyle.  If you're on a budget pick up some sample sizes or ask a friend to trade out some of their products for yours.

14.  Add a flower - It sounds simple, but it can make a huge difference.  A friend of mine can completely change her hairstyle with the size, shape and color of flower she adds to her hair.  Even the difference between pinning the flower in front of her ear instead of behind it can be a shift in her look.  She plays with flowers of all sizes and even creates clusters of different flowers along one side of her head.

(Image of Tarina Tarantino - Tokyo Hardcore Kanzashi Bobby Pin - Purple - with works great for any hair length, type or texture - All Rights Reserved -


If none of the above suggestions trigger any new hair inspirations have a hair makeover party with your friends.  Take turns being the makeover subject.  Ask everyone to bring their favorite hair toys, tools and products.  You'll be amazed at how much fun it is and you might just find a sizzling new look for your current hairstyle. 

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