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SATC2 - A Bitter Pill To Swallow For 146 Minutes

Yes, I used to love TV's Sex And The City (SATC).  I realized early on that Carrie was a narcissistic, hedonistic, co-dependent woman who obsessed about sex, shoes and the man (Big) who was wrong for her.

I couldn't really relate to Carrie, but I did find her entertaining.  I also admired her undying loyalty to her three friends.

(Carrie Bradshaw with Mr. Big and friends in SATC2 - All Rights Reserved)

Do-Or-Die Female Friendships - Do They Really Exist?

While I personally admired how Carrie valued her friendships, sadly I have rarely experienced the same type of do-or-die friendships - with other females - in my own lifetime.  Even my own baby sister is a classic fair weather friend only popping up in my life during her latest emotional crisis or positioning for gifts for her three kids whom I barely know.

In fact, my guy sweetly volunteered to accompany me to Part 2 of the SATC movie saga after my own "friend" bailed on our years long date to see the second SATC movie together.

My galpal and I saw the original SATC1 flick together.  It was a lovely girlfriends-only treat complete with after the movie lunch and lots of delicious gossip.  We vowed at that time to see SATC2 together.

Sadly, she bailed on our "date" just days before the premiere.  I was heartbroken, but kept a stiff upper red stained lip and decided to go alone, until my sweet guy offered to go with me, even though he knew it was a classic chick flick.

Oddly, my very best friendships in this lifetime have been with men (straight and gay) who don't seem to disappoint me like my female friends always seem to.  Yes, after much self-examination I understand why there's a pattern, but that's another topic for another blog or a visit to my therapist.

But I digress.

Sex And The City TV Series - Guilty Pleasure

While I loved the original Sex And The City TV series, in spite of it's ongoing lack of reality, it was a guilty pleasure and a nice escape from the daily stresses and strains of life.  I enjoyed drooling over the stunning fashions and the shoes, while I mused about the hairstyles, colors and various accessories.

(Image of Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big - SATC2 - All Rights Reserved)

As a hair addict the TV series gave me plenty of fodder for new hairstyling ideas and articles.

SATC1 was a fabulous way to wrap up the TV series.  Kinda like a 10 year high school reunion where you find out what path your former classmates had taken after escaping the high school gates of hell.

SATC1 Happy Endings

While SATC1 made lots of money and extended the fame of Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha they should have stopped while they were ahead and gone out with a bang.  SATC1 was fun, cute, fabulous and totally unrealistic in many ways.

But it was entertaining.  The fashions were great, the hair was interesting and there were many happy endings.  I had lots of warm and fuzzy feelings leaving the theater after SATC1.

Thomas Wolfe - You Can't Go Home Again

SATC2 is like a really bad 25 year high school reunion except the traumas of the attendees is completely out of whack. Which is why I stopped going to my own high school reunions after suffering through my 20th.

(Image of Charlotte from SATC2 - All Rights Reserved)

Thomas Wolfe's famous quote "You Can't Go Home Again" is as true about high school as it is Sex And The City 2.

I honestly didn't want to hear that Carrie, after all those years of chasing Big and finally marrying him, has turned into a bitchy shrew of a wife who whines about her husband when he wants to put his feet on the couch, eat take-out and is tired after a brutal day dealing with The Market.  Hello?  Can you say 2010 Recession?

Give the man a break.  He works hard and bought her a multi-million dollar apartment with a New York view.  Plus she got to keep her own New York apartment.   So what if he likes to eat noodles out of the container?  At least he doesn't hassle her for not cooking.

Samantha - Pill Taking Fanatic

I also didn't want to know that Samantha has become a pill taking fanatic trying to slow the hands of time and slathering yams all over her body to avoid the ravages of her hormones.

I cringed watching her suck down what seemed like hundreds of pills in one gulp while worrying about her sex life.  Geez.

The two characters who remained the most true for me during SATC2 were Charlotte and Miranda.  Yes, it was a little strange that Miranda had risen to partner level in her law firm, but then couldn't handle her boss.  And poor little rich wife Charlotte who had to worry about her gorgeous nanny.   Does people like that really exist in real life?

Sharing Misery Of Mommyhood

But Char and Miranda were hilariously sweet when they let their hair down and honestly shared their challenges of being moms.  Of course they were sharing their mommyhood miseries while drinking lavish cocktails in their own private suite on an all-expenses paid trip to The Middle East.  But at least they were being real.

Yes, movies are meant to give you a break for everyday life and entertain.  And I was entertained by the hairstyles, the fashions and the shoes.  But most of the time I was just sad, annoyed and irritated at the ridiculous plots and depressing lifestyles of Carrie And Company.

TV Success Of SATC2 Male Leads

To be honest I also had a hard time relating to the SATC2 male partners. Throughout the movie I kept thinking about Big as the bad husband in TV's "The Good Wife", Harry as the crazy sex starved Runkle in "Californication" and Aidan as the harried husband married to multiple personality Tara on "The United States Of Tara".

Even Miranda's Steve has had some great roles on TV and recently showed up on "Justified".

When you think about it, the male leads in the Sex And The City franchise have gone on to star in interesting vehicles whereas none of the four female leads have had as much on-screen success.

By the end of SATC2 I was really for it to be over.  Yes, there were some amusing and cute moments, but for the most part the film was boring, completely unrealistic and just plain sad.

Liza Minnelli - Really?

SATC2 is 146 minutes of over-the-top, unrealistic, sad, boring and disappointing antics including an over-the-top gay wedding that included swans and Liza Minnelli as the entertainment?  Really?

(Image of Liza Minnelli from SATC2 - All Rights Reserved)

Liza's presence in the film was about as out there as Miley Cyrus and Penelope Cruz.   Did someone owe those three celebs a favor which resulted in them having small cameos in SATC2?  Am I missing something or did their roles in the film seem as odd to you as it did to me?

Or was the presence of Liza, Miley, Penelope and other walk-ons just part of a superfluous, short-sighted money grab to make the film more appealing?

If you asked me if I would go to SATC3 I would say no.  But yes, I would wait for the DVD version and speed through to look at the hair and fashions.  For me, that was the best part of the entire movie.

Kudos to Patricia Field for keeping the girls in fashion character and to the various set hairdressers for creating styles which were age and time appropriate.

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