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Matching Hair Color With Yellow Summer Fashions

At the recent NYC Radio City Music Hall premiere of Sex and the City 2 the lovely blonde Sarah Jessica Parker wore the latest summer fashion trend by donning a sizzling hot one-shoulder canary yellow Valentino gown.

Yes, the naturally curly haired blonde, who has recently gone lighter, whiter and brighter for summer, looks smashing in vibrant sunny yellow.

Sarah Jessica rocked a side-swept fringe flowing softly from a side part.  Her curls were coiffed into soft waves which framed her face and cascaded down onto her bare shoulders.

(Image of Sarah Jessica Parker - SATC2 Premiere - NYC - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

Her blonde hair worked in harmony with the vibrant hue of her gorgeous gown.  To avoid stealing thunder from her gown SJ kept her accessories minimal and kept her lipstick and overall make-up light.

Kim Cattrall In Golden Yellow

Kim Cattrall followed the yellow fashion trend, but scaled her color towards the golden end of the rainbow.  Kim looked spectacular in a Naeem Khan dress which showcased a stunning plunging neckline.

Kim worn her platinum blonde highlighted tresses brushed to one side and pinned up in a retro style wavy side twist.  By wearing her hair up, the golden Khan gown looked stunning against her skin.

It's no coincidence SJP and Kim were both wearing gowns in the yellow color family.  Yellow is one of the hottest shades for Summer of 2010 and has been popping up all over the Red Carpets in New York, California and Europe.

Can all hair hues wear yellow?  Good question which is a frequent question.    The answer is yes.  SJP and Kim are both famous blondes who looked stunning in their own yellow variations.

Yes, sometimes it's true that yellow is not the easiest color to wear, especially for some redheads and blondes.

However, when the proper tone within the yellow color family is carefully selected, it can create a spectacular fashion statement actually amping up blonde, red and platinum hair colors.

Hair Color, Skin Tones, Eye Shade

Anyone can wear yellow, regardless of their hair color, skin tone, or eye shade as long as they select the best shade for  them.  The beauty of this great summertime shade, is that it comes in every imaginable tone variation from gold to mustard yellow.

If you're nervous about stepping bolding into a full yellow ensemble, you can always start slow with well selected hair or other accessories such as shoes, handbags, jewelry or even a sizzling yellow nailpolish.

Embrace Your Sunny Side With Yellow

If you would love to embrace the hot new trend go ahead and try yellow.

(Beautiful brunette Kristin Davis wore a sleeveless gold sequin gown to the UK premiere of Sex And The City Red Carpet Event.  she wore her long chocolate brown tresses cascading down around her bare shoulders - DC Media - All Rights Reserved)

To make the color work for you, a yourself the following questions as you try on different yellow hues:

1.  Which yellow tones make your skin glow or look sallow or unattractive?  Select either warm or cool yellow tones depending on whether you have warm or cool skin, hair and eye colors. 

2.  How does the yellow tone impact your hair color.  Does it amp up the highlights in your hair or make them look muddy or drab?

3.  Does the yellow tone make your look younger, older, or have no impact?  Does it make any skin imperfections or wrinkles more or less obvious?

4.  Does the yellow work with your eyes?  Does it give the appearance of turning the lights on or dimming them?  Do your eyes sparkle or look dull and drab?

When selecting your own shade of yellow it's not only important to evaluate how it impacts your own color pallette, but how does it work with your personality and personal fashion statement.

It's key to ask yourself how you feel when you wear any of the yellow shades?  Does it make you feel vibrant and alive or too bold and bright?   For some people too much yellow may be just too much sunshine.

Are Your Warm Or Cool?

If your complexion has pink, violet or blue undertones you most like have a cool complexion. Your makeup and wardrobe colors should have lean towards the same tones.  Complexions with yellow undertones are considered warm.

As a blond I used to shy away from anything yellow until a friend suggested I go with the rich jeweled yellow tones.  Why?  I'm a famous winter palette (with blue undertones to my skin) and look best in jewel tones.

By selecting a rich canary, my skin glowed, my eyes sparkled and my blonde hair shimmered.  However, when I tried on a light lemon yellow, it made me look washed out and drab.

Select Your Yellow By Your Color Palette

Winters should wear sharp, stark and/or clear colors. When going with yellow opt for vibrant yellow jeweled tone. If you want a lighter yellow, select a yellow with an icy tone. Avoid soft or muted pastels.

(Red haired Christine Lakin combines a lemon yellow sleeveless dress with golden accessories and a nude lip for a spectacular look at E!'s 20th Birthday Bash in Hollywood - - All Rights Reserved)

Summers look great in soft pastels and neutral colors. Pastel yellows would work or yellows with a hint of rose-brown undertones.

Autumns look great in golden yellow hues or colors with golden undertones. A yellow with a hint of orange might be a good option.

Springs look great in golden yellow, yellow with brown undertones or mustard yellow.

Tip Toe Through The Yellow

If you love the yellow fashion trend but don't want to go full boar, do what Heidi Klum did recently and wear just a splash of yellow combined with another color.  The advantage is you get the yellow without going overboard.

Heidi recently paired a white dress with splashes of yellow throughout the top.  She wore her blond hair slicked back into a tight hair knot which prevented her hair color from clashing with the yellow accents on her beautiful frock.  She looked chic and elegant.

Other options including selecting a hair accessory such as a summery clip-in hair flower, jeweled clip or headband.

Tone It Down

To tone down a yellow frock combine it with contrasting but complementary accessories such as handbags, belts, shoes, jackets or jewelry.

Avoid combining yellow with contrasting or blinding colors.  Skip the bold red lips especially if you are wearing lots of yellow around your face and go with a softer more complementary color.  Unless you're Lady Gaga, skip the neon yellow options.

When in doubt start with a bright summery splash of yellow.  With the right shade for your hair, eyes and skin you will look gorgeous.

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