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Sarah Jessica Parker Phones It In On Ellen

Last week on Friday (May 21, 2010) Ellen had a live phone call from Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) to help promote the highly anticipated Sex And The City 2 premiere (SATC2) which happens this week.

(Image of Sarah Jessica Parker - SATC 2 - All Rights Reserved)

I have to say SJP sounded great on the phone.  If the acting thing doesn't work out for her she could always look into phone work.

Why was SJP phoning Ellen?  To talk about the movie, natch.

However, she did make small talk with Ellen asking about everyone in the show's audience and discussing her son's adoration for the talk show hostess.

SJP said Ellen's audience "sounds very spirited" which resulted in major applause.  Ellen asked Sarah Jessica how her babies were doing.  SJP said "I'm well, the children are well, we had a sunny day in New York City, I had no complaints.  Everything is really swell."

When asked the SATC2 star assured Ellen that her son "adores you. He doesn't like you, he adores you."  She also assured Ellen her son "was very disappointed that I'm only getting to speak to you on the phone, he was under the impression, I don't know who gave it to him, that I was going to be sitting with you in person.  But I promised him I wouldn't do that unless he was with me."

(Image of Sarah Jessica Parker - SATC 2 - All Rights Reserved)

Ellen then waved to James Wilkie, SJP's son.  The actress said "oohhh, ooohhh, that's going to make him very happy."  Ellen asked how old James Wilkie was and Sarah Jessica said "he's seven and three quarters.  A distinction."  Ellen said she can't wait to meet James Wilkie.

Ellen asked SJP if there was going to be a Sex And The City three movie.  The actress said "well I suppose that depends in large part if anybody shows up for Sex And The City 2."  She added "I never assume (that they will show up). You know me, well you sort of know me, I would never assume."

Ellen said "well don't count on it because there hasn't been a Finding Nemo 2 so you don't know."

SJP also gave one of Ellen's show guests two tickets for a trip to New York for the SATC2 Premiere. Jason Lewis was also on the show talking about his role on the show.  Well sorta of.  He didn't give much away although he did show a clip where he was removing his shirt.

It will be interesting to see what happens this week with the premiere of SATC2 movie.  And yes, I'm going on the first day.  Stay tuned.

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