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Long Natural Hair Wins In Movie Remake

Hailee Steinfeld Hailee Steinfeld w/Long Brunette Hair

Introduction - Long Natural Hair Wins In Movie Remake

A peek behind the scenes of the highly anticipated remake of True Grit has revealed the importance of  long all natural hair which hasn't been bleached, highlighted, colored or altered.  Why?  Long natural hair wins in movie remake.

Bleached hair definitely wouldn't fit in with the hair during the era of the classic John Wayne remake.

The all star cast includes Jeff Bridges (John Wayne's 1969 part), Josh Brolin (Jeff Corey) and Matt Damon (Glen Campbell).

The remake of the classic flick also features a relatively unknown actress, Hailee Steinfeld, who beat out scores of other young hopefuls for the highly coveted role.   The beautiful Hailee has long natural hair which is silky, shiny and very healthy.

The beautiful tressed brunette plays a teenaged tomboy by the name of Mattie Ross, seeking to avenge her father's death.

The outspoken Mattie enlists the help of tough old marshal Rooster Cogburn to track down Tom Chaney, the vagrant who killed her father.

Hailee Steinfield Hailee Steinfield

A Texas Ranger named La Boeuf and played by Matt Damon eventually partner track down the killer. The action in the film takes the group them from Fort Smith, Ark., into the Indian Territory that is present-day Oklahoma.

Ironically, Granger, Texas was the location site chosen for filming the True Grit remake.  The original True Grit saw John Wayne received the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1969.

The Texas location  was picked because it dates back to 1882 when the Houston and San Antonio branches of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad intersected in Granger.  The brick buildings along the 100-foot-wide main street reflect the era of the late 19th century.

The movie sets were constructed to give the town a feeling of an 1880s boomtown.  Saloons, mercantile stores, a gallows and homes were put up in empty lots.   Filming will take place in Granger, in Blanco and at a creek crossing near Marble Falls.

Long Natural Hair Wins In Casting

The actors and actresses selected to be extras in the film were required to have very specific types of  hair.  Women had to have long hair which was not colored, bleached or highlighted in any way.

Hailee In True Grit Hailee In True Grit

The men needed facial hair such as beards, mustaches and sideburns with full hair on top.  Since the film was set in the 1870s to the 1900s the hair had to reflect the part.

No bodybuilders were desired since the look was not true to the historic period.

It's estimated approximately 500 extras will be used for some of the scenes.

Besides being good for people with long or facial hair, the movie is great for the town which has been the site of three other movie sets before True Grit.

The film is also good for Texas as well as Austin, where a lot of the extras with long all natural hair or facial hair have been recruited from.

Of course the film will also hopefully put the beautiful Hailee and her long natural hair on the map.

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